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7 Secrets for 100% Fiverr Success


Those are good tips but why do you suggest these two? I have a few gigs that have never been updated.


I agree! If we update gigs regularly the impression decreases… isn’t it?


Sellers do not have to be online to earn sales. This is one of the worst tips that I see newby sellers passing around. If a buyer wants your services, they will place an order – whether you are online or not.


Nope, if we update gigs regularly the impression increases [depends on the perfect keyword research]


Well, I suggest these two because the competition in all category is not same and the competition is increasing day by day. Fiverr gives more exposure to those gigs which are recently updated [specially video] according to one of their publications. From my experience, I trained over 1500 students specially for freelancing and these two options really work.

New in Fiverr , Suggest me how can I get order

Helpful for new seller. thanks,dear.

Why i am not getting any order

Could I be one your students as well? hahaha


Thanks @only_hafiz1 :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


WOW best Idea . I am just new here on fiverr just created two GIGs . Thanks for you ideas . I will try to follow your ideas …


I have read of people who will get up from their nights sleep to answer a message. Not me. I value my sleep. :sleeping::zzz:


exactly @jonbaas i got 6 orders when i was in offline. :slight_smile:


Yeah. People complain that they are slaves to Fiverr and their work here on Fiverr. The truth is, those people are the only people that make themselves slaves to Fiverr. People need to understand the difference between their everyday lives, and their income work (such as here on Fiverr). The two should never be the same. Your life, and your work life should always be different. Wise people learn how to maintain both separately.

Foolish people become slaves to their work. :wink:


@rushdiaakhan Increase or Decrease it’ completely depends on changes u make in ur gig… if you update with good/popular tags with good title which possible every one could search. it will increase ur impressions. and the image which you put in ur gig image. will help you to get views or clicks from buyerr.


Thanks! It’s really helpful information!!!


right and thanks for this

Gig Improvisation
New seller with some innovations

You will get orders if you are offline in one condition according to my experience.
ie: When your gig appears on the top of search results.
It’s also good to be online because some buyers contact the seller about the service they need and maybe they need a custom offer for their Projects if not fits in the seller packages and extras.


Please suggest what you feel can help…


Yes, I always love to guide people those who really want to do something :grinning:


You are most welcome :slight_smile:


:grin::laughing:Yeah, never give up