7 Tips About Pricing Your Gig


If you’re like me, you have one gig that makes 50% of your earnings. Your #1 gig. That’s the gig I want you to focus on because it takes less time to change the prices there than in all your gigs.

  1. If you have 3-6 orders in your queue, that’s the time to raise your prices. If you’re selling for $5, try $10, even $20. For packages I recommend multiples of $5 vs. huge jumps.

$5, $10, $15 is more attractive than $5, $50, $100.

  1. Price low during your slow days, price high during busy days. If you know Friday’s are your worst day, that’s the day to lower your prices. The only exception is when your queue is busy. People are more likely to buy when they see a queue.

  2. Experiment with your one-day delivery fee. If you charge $10 to do X, you might charge $10 to deliver in 24-hours. Why not charge $5? Or raise your gig price to $20 and charge $10?

  3. If you’ve recently raised your prices and a buyer is messaging you. Send a custom offer for less than your gig prices and tell him how much money he’s saving. If he rejects your offer, just ignore him.

  4. If you have zero reviews, your goal needs to be getting orders, not making a lot of money. Gigs priced at $100, $200, $300 look ridiculous when they have zero reviews.

  5. Just because there are rich buyers on Fiverr doesn’t mean they’re going to pay high prices. Nobody gets rich by wasting money, and very few people are going to give $100 to an unproven seller.

  6. Document everything on Excel.
    Gross Sale, Fiverr’s Comission, Net Sale.
    Daily income, monthly income, yearly income.
    Tips, and refunds. IT should look something like this.

Remember to make charts for Monthly earnings, and monthly cancellations.

Good luck.

Best TIP of Fiverr
Increase gig price or not?

I do that since years, it works always… now… should I sue you because you gave my secret away? :wink:

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LOL, I learned “your secret” from a book about succeeding on Fiverr. That’s my secret, for a while I read a lot of Fiverr books on Amazon, most were crap but some had good tips.

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Nice post… Really helpful for me. thank you.


good post…it will help new sellers.


Thanks! If you have any personal experiences to add, go ahead and do it. We can all learn from each other.


Nice post! I’ll start my excell file today. Shouldn’t be too difficult :stuck_out_tongue:


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It will help a lot of sellers :thumbsup:
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After a loooooong time something sensible to :eyes:. Thats what actually called TIPS FOR SELLERS.
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I found your post effective. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips.


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I forgot to mention, use Sheet 1 for daily sales, sheet 2 for monthly sales, and sheet 3 for yearly sales. It makes it easier.

You can also do CTRL+; to put today’s date. It’s easier than typing it every time.

2017 Fiverr Earnings


I got all excited about this and even generated a cute little graph out of the table data :stuck_out_tongue:
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Well, if you like graphs, here’s another. :grin:


It has a lot of logic also combines that with always being online and increase your profits, I knew how to raise prices when there is a queue, but I did not know about the exel sheet today, the beginning thanks


It is very useful advice for when you do not have many sales or your gig has no comments.


I would love to hear from frequent buyers what they think!


I typically skip sellers with big queue, anything over 5 for me is too much.

When one of my regular sellers has a big queue, I just wait until it dwindles down. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll go to my back up or find someone else.

For me, it’s a turnoff. I guess for some it’s enticing, from what I’ve read by other forum members.


Thanks for your articles. It’s helpful for newbies


That’s a mistake in my opinion, you don’t know how long it takes a seller to complete each other. If you see a queue of 20 but it takes the seller 5 to 10 minutes, we’re talking about 100 minutes or 200 minutes. If you pay extra for 1-day delivery, then you’ll be on the orders the seller works right away.

When I choose a seller this is what matters to me in order of importance.

  1. Portfolio samples
  2. Reviews
  3. Price
  4. Queue

The queue may be last, but only because I’m a price-conscious buyer that seeks quality work on occasion.

P.S. The only review that really scares me is “Order cancelled. Seller failed to deliver on time.”