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7 Tips for Upselling


Stop trying to figure out Fiverr’s algorithm and spend that time making more money with upselling, here’s some things I’ve done to increase revenue…

1) Make your extras simple and easy to understand. Buyers seldom purchase things they aren’t clear on.
2) Offer only the extras you can do that will acheive 100% Buyer satisfaction. Return business and referrals should be your goal.
3) Explain to your Buyers the BENEFIT of adding a particular extra. I add this phrase when selling a logo overlay to a video…“Most marketers see adding their logo as another branding opportunity. Purchase this extra if you would like to do the same”. And they do.
4) Restrict upselling to only the extras that will TRULY benefit their project. Buyers aren’t dummies and can sense if they’re being BS’d.
5) Make upselling routine. Very easy to become lazy with upselling because it involves effort.
6) Chart your upselling success and failures. You may need to tweak an extra to make it more desirable or change the way you’re selling it.
7) Having trouble “pushing” your extras? Then change your mindset from “pushing” to “helping”. Honestly, you truly are helping Buyers when you offer them something they may have overlooked. They may not always buy, but they will be confident that you’re being altruistic.

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Thanks for Sharing :slight_smile: :blush:


Thank you for sharing your experiences.


Very good Upselling strategy. Thanks


Thank you for sharing


Thanks for sharing these helpful tips! :slight_smile:


I like number 3 -

If people understand why you are talking to them about an upsell and you explain the benefit to them it becomes help rather than sales.


I agree 100%.
You are not doing your job if you do not mention how an extra would help your buyer.


Yeah. A lot of sense in it there