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7 Tips Get Orders from Buyer request . guaranteed 10% to 30% Conversion

well if you are new seller. its hard to get direct order for first few days, buyer request option can be a great source for you to get some orders ! but as you can see maybe in a single buyer request there are 40/50 people applied before. how can you make your request special to get attention of the buyer, and how can you get 3 to 4 orders minimum from buyer request thats the question
well i would suggest you some tips to apply, as i was doing this for long time (i dont send buyer request anymore. or do not get time to send as have lots of works already in the list everyday, but when i see sales are dropping i always do that. hope it might work for you guys too)

  1. dont send copy pasted request to everyone

2)take your time read the description and write to the buyer and include the keyword buyer use on their description, in alternative way

  1. you can mention there name at the beginning ex. : Hi David. I have seen you are looking for …when you mention the name it helps to get that persons attention, I have seen lots seller start with HELLO SIR, specially seller from Asia, i would suggest you Dont use Sir, use direct name, trust me no one will get offended . I prefer friendly environment with my buyers, if you get friendly and he will come to you again and again, maybe 1 order does not work well for the buyers, but still you can be sure, you will still get a good 5 star review

4)add some special requirement that you are providing with your offer. just dont tick mark the box that gig box are showing while sending buyer req , write it in list in your offer ex: 3 designs, vector, copyrights, unlimited revision, money back etc

5)choose the right offer, as its only 10 everyday. use wisely! dont send 1st 10 or 15, go through 1st 50 request at least!
it might take little time. but i am okay with it,

  1. do not choose some offer that has only business name. find something that has proper description. like someone name David and asking for logo for his eagle fitness club! you can start like : HI DAVID . HAVE SEEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PRO LOGO FOR YOUR EAGLE FITNESS, I WOULD BE GLAD TO MAKE THE DESIGN FOR YOU,… …when you mention the person and business name in 1st line . that definitely will grab his attention. trust me. and then write other things

  2. try to make a free online portfolio if you are new and does not have enough design that buyer can check in your gig, lots of buyer just place order when some design impress them. not necessary they have to like all of your design, maybe a single design grab their attention and boom, you can have dozen of free site online ! just make one free portfolio and add 50 designs as a sample , and paste the link in your buyer request. and dont force them to go and check, try to be polite, you may write, IF YOU LIKE TO SEE SOME OF MY ORIGINAL WORK BEFORE YOU PLACE THE ORDER, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO CHECK MY PORTFOLIO FROM FOLLOWING LINK! then paste the link. make the link short using some online url shortner, cause the text box has limited letters

  3. and some people just post their own gigs link and asked other seller to visit on this link and he wants something like that to be designed, dont waste your important buyer offer on those crap, and i would suggest you not to do that to get some free views , you will get blocked today or tomorrow for surE!

Hope it helps you guys ! works for me always! :slight_smile:

Best wishes


Great tips! Thanks Carolina
Not sure about the guarantee but they are all worth trying out.


In most cases there aren’t any name mentioned in buyer request. So i suggest

Dear Buyer, starting with little bit of buyer request description. propose a solution and what he will get invite the buyer to chat if you think his request needs to be discussed further.


Strong proposal always helps. I will definitely add this to mine. Thanks

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In my opinion
Dear, Friend, etc
should not be used at very start… Keeping proposal formal and professional always helped me…


I agree with @zubairfb here. I’m not your friend nor a family member, don’t use “dear”. Simple “hi” or “hello” will do.

To my last request I got offers starting with:

  • Dear friend
  • Hello everyone!
  • Hello, hiring manager
  • Hello Boss
  • Hi, have a nice day

I instantly deleted every single one of these.


Dear Carolina:

What name do you prefer to be called?

If you are unable to ascertain the Buyer’s first name, you can use
Dear {username}:
and Fiverr will insert their proper user name.

I suggest that as your back-up, but always try to find out the name they prefer to be called as quickly as you can and go from there.

Good luck,


Can you elaborate little bit how can we keep the proposal formal ? Writing an application must have header. isn’t that good ?

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Great,Thanks for the tips.:slight_smile:

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Great Tips! Very helpful. Thank you carolina.

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nice post. Thank you so much :blush:

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Thank you for the help, effort and time that you send through this post… :blush:

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I second that. Agree with @zubairfb and @uxreview. I use buyers request quite often (as a buyer) and absolutely hate it when sellers start with “Hello, dear.”

Frankly, I find it creepy when men call me dear and unprofessional on behalf of men and women.

It won’t stop me from buying if they have great offer, otherwise, but still unprofessional.

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Buyer request? More like seller advertisement. Each and every (clearly exaggerated) request in that section is an advertisement of a guy (or a girl) who is good at this, brilliant at that, passionate at this, does that for a living etc. Disappointed!

most time I don’t see any buyer requests! sometime I see only5-6, is something going wrong?

Thank you so much for your help
Have a great day!

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nothign wring with that! as i can see you are new seller, its limited for new seller, when you will reach level 1. you will see plenty of request going to available for you! :slight_smile:

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thank you for clarify, talking about lv1, I’m wondering how will I get that , since month I haven’t got any order yet.

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you have only 1 gig available, but you can make 7 gigs for your profile! i would suggest create all 7 gigs! when you will have 7 gigs it means your chance of getting work is now 7 times bigger! just dont depend in only 1 gig! like you get 5 reviews from 1 gig, if you have 7 gigs , and you get only 1 order from each gig, its 7 review, almost level 1 . as you need just 10 order to reach there

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i know! these days are like that if you are new seller, there is not enough quality request that you can send! when you will be in level 1, you will find more then 1000 req available there, then you can choose the right offer to send