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7 tips to quickly rise to Level 2

Hello, this is my first post here in fiverr forum. I told to myself:

"Lazaros, you will make your first post on that forum only when (and if) you reach Level 2 and you will fill your post with useful tips for other people who want to quickly climb to Level 2…"

Now, I went from my first sale on fiverr to become a “Level 2” seller in ~2 months time. Although I was already a fiverr buyer and had joined more than 1 year ago… But all that time I watched and I learned and then when I felt it was the right time, I started selling. Here I am now as a humble Level 2 seller and so proud about it!

But I don’t want to waste any more of your time with my foolish pride! Here are my tips to quickly become a Level 2 seller here on fiverr. Remember, you have to make 50 sales in 2 months (as of writing this) to reach Level 2:

Tip 1: Use the fiverr power for branding

If you are delivering info-products (like I do with most of my gigs) do not rush in promoting your e-mail address or business logo and website URL etc. Do not ask fiverr visitors to be introduced to another business, another URL, another website interface. These people (at least most of them) are already familiar with fiverr. They know it, they like it. They want to buy from fiverr. They are already familiar with the fiverr buying process and interface. So, take advantage of the fiverr power and brand your gigs (if possible) with the fiverr logo and your fiverr URL.

This is what I do with most of my gigs. I also NEVER forget to add/mention my fiverr URL:

Tip 2: Give smart responses to your reviews

First of all you want to review all of your buyers. Don’t just give a thumbs up and say “Thank you. Great buyer”. Instead use all the characters allowed to write a review that will promote the buyer as a great buyer. Moreover use gig keywords in your reviews. This is important and you can rank well in search engines too and obviously on fiverr. For example if your gig is about online marketing, use related terms on your review. All these buyer reviews along with your keyword-related answers, will count like comments in a blog post and will help the overall promotion of your gig.

Tip 3: Let them search for you

I have yet to share my e-mail address with a fiverr buyer. Why? Because I want these people to try to find me by messaging me through fiverr and/or by buying my gigs. They know they can find me on fiverr. If I provide professional work and value then these people will want to hire me again (this is what happened with me) and although some of them tried to exploit my e-mail address or other means of communication, in my answers on fiverr I was making them offers to buy my gigs again. And they did so.

Tip 4: Use all the gigs you are allowed to use

This is a common sense tip. The more gigs you have, the more sales you will make. The ideal (in my opinion) is to keep all your gigs on the same topic/niche. This way, if you are a true seller and one who delivers professionally, you will appear as an expert in your field and you will have many repeated customers. You will rise in Level 2 in no time!

Tip 5: Provide bonuses and make offers

The idea is to always over-deliver. I am sure you already know that. Add a bonus right after the order to keep buyer busy, a bonus along with the gig delivery and of course, a bonus right after the positive review. Also, message your buyers and make them unique offers of value. For example you can tell them that if they buy 1 more of your gigs, you will give them 1,2 or more of your gigs for free. I have found that the majority of buyers (especially the quality ones) who are satisfied, will return to message you or buy your gig(s) again.

Tip 6: Do not let them leave a negative review.

This is highly important and I am sure it concerns many “real” sellers. You know of course that most smart buyers are searching on fiverr based on the rating of sellers. And this makes sense since high rated sellers will likely deliver professionally, right? They have been tested. So, you want as much positive reviews for all your gigs as possible to get more orders. When you do have an order though, it is important not to forget to kindly ask for a positive review when delivering. Do not let the buyer leave a negative review. In your gig delivery mention that if they are unsatisfied they should message you prior to leaving a negative review. If they are still unhappy, offer them to cancel the order. A negative review does not worth the $4 (or maybe more) you earn. You don’t want that damaging review so (I recommend) you cancel the order.

You know there will always be bad people or competitors who will try to leave a bad review on purpose. Again, try to be as kind and professional as possible with these people and if they appear frustrated or anything offer them a refund and cancel the order and the case ends there. Having a high review from buyer ratings is your #1 key to make many sales and reach Level 2.

Tip 7: Use all the features of fiverr

You have to learn all the selling possibilities you have on fiverr, when you start, when you reach level 1 and then when you reach level 2. Take advantage of the “Extras” for each and every one of your gigs when you reach Level 1. If you don’t have what to add as “Extra” then offer 2 gigs in the price of 1 as “Extra” :wink:

This is a great tip that has helped me quickly climb to Level 2. When I didn’t have any extras for a gig I offered to give 2 of my gigs at the price of 1 as “Extra”. And it worked! If you use this strategy it is good to add your fiverr URL on the “Extra” description for even more exposure and promotion. Which brings me to my last tip (for now)…

Tip 7: Always mention your fiverr URL

To every answer you give on fiverr, to every gig delivery you make, you need to mention your fiverr URL as the last part of your message. For example your signature to every answer could be (this is my actual signature):



You also want to include your URL if you deliver your gigs as info-products (e.g. inside an e-book).

And that was all my tips (the ones I used) to reach Level 2 as seller here on fiverr. Please feel free to comment or even better provide more tips for others to see and utilize. Possibilities are endless.

Of course you understand that these are just a few tips that have worked for me. I cannot guarantee that they will work for you but I truly believe they will because most of them are common sense marketing tips and leveraging the huge fiverr econony and website interface on your favor.

Moreover, you understand that as a fiverr seller you always have to deliver professionally and over deliver (if possible).

Thank you for reading,




Reply to @nookshawn: Hello, thanks for commenting here. As far as I know you must reach 50+ sales in 2 months to get the Level 2 badge. If you already had success then reaching Level 2 is a matter of time for you. My advice is to be patient and follow some common sense “Seller rules”. You’ll be in Level 2 in no time! But… the message I got from fiverr after I reached Level 2 was that I must keep maintaining good rating and support in order to continue to have the purple badge…

Looking great :)>-

I think these are solid tips. Some of them are tips that one would have to do if they follow the terms of service.

I still don’t know if I agree about use all the possible gig slots.

Although I’m still struggling to find a buyer, I hope this tips help newbie like me…

Great Post !

I really respect the way you describe your personal exposure. I’ll definitely follow you and will let you know about improvements as I am still struggling to get first review, however, having good experience in creating graphics and website but who knows here. Again thanking you for guiding people.

Best Regards,

That’s great stuff Lazaros. I have been a Level 2 for quite a while now and doing alright, but I have learned a few things from you today. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you will have many readers (in their interest) =D>

Reply to @anarchofighter: why hestitant on using all available gigd

Oops missed typo — meant gigs!

Thanks a lot for the tips :slight_smile:

Reply to @ruthdfw:

Hey thanks for asking.

It has to do with not appearing to be a Jack of All Trades. Also, it scatters your feedback. It’s going to be much harder to get to 100 reviews. Or 1000 if you’re running many similar gigs.

People will order the wrong ones, as well as, wonder what the differences are so you get more questions.

Does any of that ring true?

This is really a wonderful tips and I have been following your tips sincerely your can visit my gigs at

This is exactly what I needed for my gig on transcription.Very useful tips that I intend to implement.


I followed her advice and cancelled an order because the buyer gave me a terrible rating, but now he has his money back and my rating is still bad, what can I do?

Thank you Lazaros :slight_smile: Your tips are very helpfull… :-h

really solid tips in my opinion i was looking for a starters guide to fiverr since i just recently joined.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Is that the tips to become one of the TRS? Because I see that some TRS have really a lot of gigs and they appear to be doing all sorts of jobs from writing to testimonial etc.

Sheeroh - another key tip if you are working in transcription is to offer good communication throughout… I’ve found that while doing it, if you don’t communicate frequently the buyer worries about you making the deadline - needless worrying on their part can make for a bad experience - reassure them!



Reply to @jasveena: No I think having the right number of gigs is a strategy for business not for ranking.

It’s like this commercial:

Hey, I did your taxes… …today I’m a plumber.

Reply to @anarchofighter: hahaha!! It’s a great short 30 sec video to sum it all!! Thanks for your opinion. :slight_smile: