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7 years on fiverr but new to this forum

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Did you try the buyer request ?

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Yes I have. I try to send all 10 available offers each each day.

@usamaathar368 If you want help you need to create your own topic and those who wish can reply to you.

See the forum rules I posted above for @malindacoolart


First of all, don’t call me “dear”. It is inappropriate to do so. Don’t call anyone “dear” unless you know them personally, and have a personal relationship with them.

I am not your “dear”.

Second, like I said, what did you do to earn your first 1,000 orders? Do more of that to earn your next 1,000 orders. If you’ve only been sitting back waiting for someone else to provide your orders, then you have a lot of work to do, because Fiverr does not exist to make sure you have all of the orders that you want. YOU do that through marketing, self-promotion, and appealing to your target customers.

It is YOUR responsibility to do what needs to be done in order to obtain more orders.


@lloydsolutions Thank you.

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Well said.

Market research is part of that work. It is vital to understand your competition here as well as the demand.

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Thanks a lot for your reply
Do we have to do the fiverr skill test to get orders now ?

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No, skills tests are voluntary. They merely provide skill scores so that your potential buyers can gain a little more confidence in your ability to to the work you offer.


Good to have you here, welcome.

Welcome to forum from @ash_shahin