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70+ Gig Views daily but No Orders yet!

I check my gig impressions, clicks and views on daily basis. I’m getting 70+ gig views daily but honestly speaking not getting good number of orders like others. Is this because I’ve recently joined fiverr or something else? Please help.

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im also new here. im a web developer. little help will be appreciated!

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You are new. Be patient. Mighty oaks out of acorns etc. Market yourself more or something.

Hello Logo Identity - That can be super frustrating. There is a Fiverr podcast series (Fiverrcast) hosted by Fiverr Sellers that might be of assistance. I founds some great information on there.

I hope this helps.

You are still new - just be patient :slight_smile:

Patient is the key,
I created my account in may,daily approximately 3-4 hours i spend on fiverr,so that i make my gig more better
I learned from top seller by visiting their gig and also keep regular check buyer request .
Yesterday i got my first order …

Thanks thoughtchick, I will check it now!

hmm…that’s what I’m doing but I was thinking if gig clicks or views are rich might help to increase sales. Don’t they?

That’s great but I refrain applying in buyer requests. That might put our id in side rack. I think so

When i first joined i did not get any sales for like 2 weeks. Be patients also keep sending out almost all the offers you have allocated to the gigs you made. Ones you got few jobs done you will get sales flowing in.

Good Luck

Thanks Nichole, good to know your story.

You joined this month. You already have ten reviews. You are doing excellent!
Why do people expect more? You are doing much better than I did the first month I joined.

Misscrystal, how was your first month? Now you are top rated and enjoy great orders. Please let me know. Thanks

@logo_identity, you had received 6 orders from one person in 1 day in Logo Designing in different fields and also got the reviews in all the 6 orders the same day. So, ugh…

Good things take time. I had three sales in the span of about a month when I first started (I’m back from a hiatus now). In the meantime, make your gigs the best they can be and be patient. :slight_smile:

be patient, or work hard, hope aap ka bussiness bhi start ho jya gay, app apne description attractive likho aur samples original lagoa apne gig ko, wide me nai wide me kise ko nazar nai ayta na hi unke pass time k wo ruk kr zoom kre.

I am 4 weeks old in fiverr … no orders for me too … Waiting with patience …hope for the better !! Good luck dear !

70+ views. Let suppose 70+ buyers visit your gig daily. You should make a factor in your gigs so that atleast 10 of them like it, let say 5 of them will save it for later and 2 of them may order right now.

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I am sad also with u m I don’t get work

just review the other seller rates and offer same services in half price initially to get the orders, later you can increase the price but initially you should do some hard work, I hope this tip will help you! thanks.