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70+ Gig Views daily but No Orders yet!


Patience is a virtue! Do you have a good gig video, good quality photo of yourself, examples of your work and professional text on your gig? These are key if you want to open the Fiverr door to success :slight_smile:


Hope is there…


Great advice, will follow!


I am also in the leagure, waiting for my first order:(


dont advertise here


We earned our first dollar after 6 months, although we didn’t take it seriously at the beginning.

Patience is the most important factor in fiverr, as well as learning from the top rated seller, be original and innovative.

Lastly, good communication skills is vital.

Never lose hope,
The sun will shine,
The river will flow,
The lion will roar,
And after a dozen No, there is a hidden YES.

Good luck and God bless


Patient is the key.
It was taken 7 months for 1st order.


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My dear,

I’m also new seller on fiverr. within one week i got my first work the thing was i sent offers with good description it always take like 750 words. you can explain about your service and how is you going to work on your buyer job.



You are same seller who got $250 BIG ORDER :slight_smile:

So you are on right track patience is the key to success


Honestly with so much competition here , you need to up your video to stand out above the crowd. You should highly consider showing some of your designs briefly while you explain your gig in video. I suggest you make a showing of yourself in the video to explain it to add a personal touch as you’ve already done and perhaps do a voiceover ,part where your work is being shown while people hear you talk. That will probably work wonders for you. Of course you’ll need a nicer camera and audio than what you have there if you’re going to put the work into it , but nothing more than a high quality smart phone or 720p HD webcam (~$20) can’t get you.

Good luck!


what u do work ??


good advice


Great! There podcasts are really approachable and so packed with information, that I’m listening to one of them a second time. I hope they help.


Thanks a lot, Good advice.
I have orffered them with the most suitable prices yet I still have not any orders… I don’t know what shall I do ?


Slow but steady


Thumbs up!


many days have passed here without getting first order…


The only recipe I’ve found for orders is :

  1. Tweak your gig + keywords until everything is professional and clear to the buyer, which it never is perfect. I still tweak mine occasionally.
  2. Put offers into buyer requests - offer cheap services if the market isn’t paying higher.
  3. Repeat.

Eventually you’ll receive orders from 3 sources: Repeat customers, buyer request, and keyword search. I get all three - my most lucrative being BR if I juice it everyday + offer good prices. Next is repeat customers. Last is keywords. I get a bite from keywords every once in a while, but it’s not as regular as I’d like. I can go weeks without orders if I don’t use BR, or have any repeats.

A fourth avenue is external advertising. I’m ambivalent about it, plus I have no one to market to outside of Fiverr, really.

The main idea is to market your gig. BR is the only good place to do it if you don’t have any external social media outlets with followers. I know the forums have a sub for gig promotion, but I’m not sure how useful it is.