7000 impression and just three sales, what do you think is wrong?


Hello fellow Fiverr sellers, please I will need your strong advice on this, I have a gig which has 7000 impression but just three sales, please what do you think is wrong? Here is a link to the gig


Thanks in advance.


During the 7000 impressions, how many clicks have you received for that gig?


91 clicks and 3 sales.


The gig looks good. My only suggestion is perhaps you branch out and create another gig that is not specifically targeted to Amazon/eBay use, that may be throwing people off.

It is good to split up gigs this way so you get people who are searching for this specific purpose editing, but a general gig for background removal and similar services may help you as well.


I agree with @joelnorth.

Also make your thumbnail really clear to show what you are selling and make people want to click on the thumbnail to review your offer. When I saw your thumbnail, I immediate thought your were selling reviews or some SEO service.

If your services are relevant to what 7000 people were searching for, your thumbnail needs to jump out and make them want to click it. Look at thumbnails on the fiverr app on a cel phone and get use to how much text is readable on the thumbnail.

You will be able to raise the click to impression ratio. Yours is 7000 to 91. (1.3%)

91 people actually read your offer and/or watched your video. 3 people purchased it. Your conversion rate would roughly be 3%. You can raise your conversion rate by tightening your offer description and intro video. Being more competitive with your pricing, etc. Most people put alot of effort here and you should. But you see how much more leverage you have with optimizing the thumbnail.

My 30 day stats are 1.5% click on thumbnail, 2% Conversion from clicks to orders. I have seen my conversion to orders in the past around 8% so I need to re-evaluate…We’ll I’m probably too expensive. :slight_smile: If I moved my price to free, my conversion should go up to at least 25% :slight_smile:

You offer 10 files for $5. I wouldn’t want people to hesitate to order because they only needed 1 file edited. Study what your competitors are doing and see if they have addressed that. I don’t know your space.


Thanks a lot.
I already have a second gig. and I already made some modification.
You can please take a look at the gig at your free time.


Thanks a lot.
I hope to make sales now.
I already made some changes on the gig’s thumbnail.
You can take a look at your spare time.

thanks once again


I love numbers. Your stats got me thinking how cool it would be for a large number of sellers to compare their conversion stats so we could work out a sort of benchmark to see if we have room to improve our gigs or profile.

Here’s the problem: I have a specialized niche in which someone who needs my service even once will need it over and over. There are a lot of one-and-done gigs that make repeat purchases unlikely (a training video or an ebook, for instance). So my conversion rate would mean nothing to someone who sold in a different vertical.

It would still be interesting though.


It is interesting that you mentioned that. When I was looking at my stats earlier I was considering that mine were skewed. 80% of my orders are repeat customers. So my click rate and conversion rate is probably much less.

Having repeat customers as your described is so powerful. It takes so much energy to start a new client, I just really want the orders to be repeat. Many of mine order once a week and they seem to stay with me for over 18 months.


My goodness, you have over 2000 reviews and only one gig! How did you do that? Talk about sticking with what works. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen a huge seller like you with only one gig. Please share your theory behind not branching out.


Thanks @selfors, I enjoy helping any way I can.

When you provide a product that naturally develops repeat customers, you won’t be concerned about your search engine performance on Fiverr.

To answer your question:
I started with whiteboard videos. I had experience in video but not in whiteboard. I got interested when I saw how many buyers on Fiverr were looking for whiteboard videos. At that time I saw a $25-$50 market. So I set my gig up and offered for $5 what the other providers were offering for $25.00. I also offered 24 hour delivery, which the other providers were 4-7 days. This fueled my orders. When I started receiving orders I backed off the delivery time.

I did 100 whiteboard videos for $5 each in my first 60 days. I then transitioned to $25.00.

I later added a voice over gig. Then the podcast editing gig.

It got to a point where I could not keep up with the orders and the messages, so I started pausing the gig to get some breathing room. During the pauses, I could still take custom orders from repeat customers.

When you get busy, you also can raise your delivery time and change your price. My challenge with this is that a $150 video cannot be raised to $450.00. It is still a $150.00 video in the market place. It would be like your fast food restaurant getting busy and charging $25 for a $5.00 burger and telling you that it will be ready in 7 days. It just doesn’t make a happy customer. How does your $25.00 hamburger compare to a $25.00 steak at a nice restaurant?

I have never had more than 2 or 3 gigs on at the same time. I am concerned that people move to launch a second gig instead of optimizing the gig they have already launched. That initial whiteboard video gig was designed around what over providers were doing on Fiverr. But I still majorly changed the video and the description about 4 times before I got it perfect. That is right, I re-scripted and reshot the intro video 4 times. You will also notice that it is a basic offer that has 2 options. There are no add ons and it does not use the fancy features in Fiverr (like the pricing graph). I had already tweaked and tested my gig. I didn’t want to change things as Fiverr added features. I also don’t want my customer to get confused or frustrated and not order at all.

Here are my paused gigs.


I didn’t start the podcast gig until about 18 months into my journey. It creates the most return customers. For me, the podcast editing has the highest hourly income. In the height of the madness of doing podcast edits, whiteboard videos, and Revisions. It was about 60 hours a week. I chose to park the whiteboard video gig which dropped my weekly income to a third. Now I am letting the podcast gig continue to grow. 80% of the podcast orders are repeat customers, 20% of them are new customers that will be new repeat customers. They typically place 1 or 2 orders per week. If I hadn’t stopped the whiteboard videos, my customer service would have suffered on all of my deliveries.

Hope that helps. Anything I can do to help. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you are on the right track. :slight_smile:


This is pretty profound. The only gig you’re doing - and you do it very successfully - actually has little to do with what you started out doing. Newbies like myself need to keep reinventing until we hit something that works for us.

I started on Fiverr in 2014 but didn’t sell anything. I don’t even remember what I offered. Anyway, I gave up and deleted my gigs. Then I came back last month and now have 85 sales. In six weeks, I’ve created and deleted a dozen different gigs that didn’t go anywhere, but I’ve got a few that work. Still, there’s one that sells, but I don’t particularly enjoy doing the work. I need to be willing to give it up. In fact, I’m going to park it right now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inspiration.


I believe you need to find a product that is already selling on Fiverr. Look at sellers reviews for the gig you are interested in. 60% of their orders are probably getting reviews, so you easily can see how many have sold. If you scroll down their reviews, you can estimate how many orders they have received in the last week. That will give you an idea of frequency. Let the other providers test the market and validate the traffic on Fiverr. You are totally at the mercy of what people are buying on Fiverr and what they are paying. When I started whiteboard, there were 750 providers. That didn’t worry me. It validated that there was a need for the product. You also need to be really proficient and have really good skills in the area you are in.

If you can find a gig that pays $25-$50 and takes 30-60 minutes to do, you will be so ahead of the game. People don’t want to work, they want to plug files into a template and render products that don’t take time or skill. You will find yourself with alot less competition.

Dig around, you never know what gig is around the corner. I should be digging too.

You noticed I went from video to audio. I actually have been in audio for 25 years and video for 15 years.

The first week I opened the podcast gig, I got an order from a producer that was 50 episodes behind in his editing. I knocked out all 50 episodes in 90 minutes for $250.00. That’s when I knew I had stumbled into something great. It was a few months later that I realized the power of the repeat business. That aspect was so off my radar before.


Since i’m yet to get a gig working right now, I’m thinking on venturing into audio editing, but can I use Audacity, I’m good at that using audacity. Need your advice on this.


You can use whatever tools give you the products you need in a way that gives you a good work flow.
I use Sony Vegas Pro, Now owned by Magix (Magix Vegas Pro). They have several light versions of the software (Movie Studio) that will give you most of the tools that you need for audio and video projects.

Audacity is destructive editing meaning that the software continues to save a new files every time you edit. This can make undoing processing challenging. I never know where the client will be going later in regard to revisions. So it’s good to be able to backtrack easily without having to start over.

Let me know if you need any specific help!

If you already have adobe creative suite, adobe audition may be another option for audio editing.



Yeah. I already have my adobe audition.