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72-hours only: Purchase any Gig, Get a free Gig from Fiverr



I just bought a gig, and now how can I have access to the editor’s picks and have access to a free gig?

Thank you


I have the same question…




It seems you know something that I (and maybe others) do not.

In fact, earlier this week I had someone buy one of my Gig simply because Fiverr gave them a “Free Gig”.

Funny part is, when they bought my gig they don’t need my services now and the Buyer was under the mistaken impression that I would just hold onto to the purchase, so at some time in the future when they’re ready, I’ll do the gig.

I urged the buyer to find something for me to do to honor the delivery date. Now they seem annoyed at my ignorance over this “Free Gig” and want me to cancel it, which will count against me.

I think it best that you both contact Fiverr support to find out how this “Free Gig” thing works.