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75+ reviews (level one seller) but getting no orders

hey there.
i am level one seller but getting no orders from a month ago…
i also send daily buyer requests but no advantage.
i am very confused.before a month my gig was on the top page of my category but now now its going away from first page day by day.
can anyone help me please ???


This may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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why you are telling lie ??
22 mints ago you delivered a file


The feedback may have been left 22 minutes ago, but the gig could have been ordered and delivered ages ago. :wink:

Please change your gig title and gigs image

what about 5/6/9 days ago review ?? are they same ?

you cannot tell about order date by looking at reviews…

these all are my old clients…why i am not getting orders from new peoples?

yes you are right.
actually there are some old client which order me after a couple of days…but the problem is that whay i am not getting orders/messages from new buyers?

Flyer and Brochure is not good nowadays…,
People will start to leave these kind of advertising…,
People tend to use social media for adv…,
Maybe that’s why you have low order rate?

and other reasons : I think because there are tons of new designer coming to fiverr with same services as you do.
Unless you have something unique to your services, or the result is stunning…, you will have a hard time competing with other seller

Are you reaching out to “new peoples”, and working to convince them to hire you? If you’re not marketing and promoting your gig to new customers, then you’re not likely to gain new sales from “new peoples”.

You keep saying this evertime to many people. And when you are asked for specifics. You say “go and research” not those exact words

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I can’t tell you, or anyone else, how to specifically research your market, because everyone’s market is different. If you are serious about being a successful freelancer, you’ll take the time (like any businessman does) to learn more about your market, study the needs of your target customers, and find creative ways to reach out to that specific market and convince them to hire you. YOU have to be willing to do this, because no one else is going to do it for you (unless you plan to hire a marketing firm to handle your promotional work).

My advice is sound. Either you’ll follow it, and figure out how to make it work for you, or you can keep complaining because no one is going to make the process easy for you. Business is not supposed to be easy. Be a doer, do your research, and figure out what you need to do to become successful a seller here on Fiverr.

Your success is your responsibility. There are plenty of materials available to you that will provide you with insight that you can make your own. I recommend that you start by searching the topic online, and going from there. Good luck!


If you are serious about being a successful freelancer, you’ll take the time (like any businessman does) to learn more about your market, study the needs of your target customers, and find creative ways to reach out to that specific market
You are right

Hi there

this happens with me also.Don’t get orders how i get in first page???

Please help anyone

@jonbaas what is the best platform to share gig to promote . If i share gig on facebook etc so only our friends can visits our gigs and profile . will you guide me what should i need .

Let’s be honest jonbass, you do say that to everyone
The TRUTH is nobody does marketing . Technically it’s against their own TOS. The time and effort to promote a Fiverr gig is pointless!!!
I promote my web site. The only thing that works on Fiverr is having a half decent gig and building your reputation. Fiverr is about to get an IPO anyway so expect changes galour

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The best place to market and promote your services would be wherever your customers are. Where are you customers? Figure that out… and promote your services in those places.

I do. And it’s just as true every time I say it.

Many sellers here on Fiverr don’t market and promote their services because doing so takes work, and many of those sellers seem to think that all they have to do is set up a gig and the sales will come rolling in. Alas, however, that is not how business works in real life, and it’s not how things work here either.

A successful seller learns how to market and promote their services.

No, it isn’t. The Fiverr TOS does not prohibit marketing and promotion. You just can’t do so via Google Adwords.

My sales would say otherwise.

If you want sales, you earn them through targeted promotion, reaching out to the people who need those services, and presenting (and proving) yourself as someone who can solve the problems that your consumer base has. This is how business has worked ever since the dawn of commercialism thousands of years ago. Why would it be any different here on Fiverr?

I welcome those changes. I look forward to the opportunities that come from a large company becoming a publicly traded business. I’ve weathered the changes that came with the IPOs of other companies I’ve partnered with… I welcome the adventure here too. :slight_smile:

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I respect your opinion, but advertising indirectly would be better, landing pages ,web site. Definitely NOT direct to your gig. And this is what I do. Fiverr bites there own nose off to spite it’s face in regards to marketing.