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Just this morning I was looking for a logo designer for my new website. So I clicked on a few good ones with high ratings and to my surprise I saw 791 gigs in queue for one logo designer. My jaw dropped!! Just recently upgraded my Make Money Online gig. I have short title, good description, I even added a video but no sales. What could this guy be doing different? Please, help guys.

There are a lot of popular logo gigs out there. Including mine, and most my work comes in the inbox actually, but I have seen quite a few banging out High numbers on Logo’s, its a good Gig on fiverr…Logo’s that is, assuming your good,its a very bad idea if you not…

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Yeah. Thanks Michelle. Those are really high numbers. Too bad I am not a professional logo designer. I would have jumped on right away.

@ginny Inbox me on what your key interests are providing, I’ll see how I can help…

Reply to @ginny: These designer have amazing creative mind and create effective designs.

I’m also graphic designer since 2002.

visit my profile i will do any type graphic and webdesign work.