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7day in 129 IMPRESSIONS and 7 clicks?

can anyone tell me what stage my gig is at.good or bad?


That’s like asking someone to describe the colour orange.

There are a ton of variables to consider.

The REAL metric you should be looking at is how many jobs you are getting.

Yes, impressions and clicks influence that, but I get maybe 10 impressions a day and still get about 4 or 5 jobs a month.

There is no magic bullet to getting work on Fiverr because there are so many people here doing the same thing as you and I…there’s a lot of competition.


your words have enough logic.thanks buddy for your valuable comment

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Congratulation :smile: :smile:

Its so sad. Promote your gig to the social media platform.

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What happen dear Madam. You put your advice here. We want to see your magic