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8 month Level One 31 Sales Is This Normal

Its great been on i really love the idea of helping people and been part of others success stories.
I have been on fiverr for 8 months and offer quality services such as flow chart design, creative writing with 31 sales having stats ><

24 Wonderful positive reviews
7 No reviews
From my research people often say you will get more sales when you get a level 1 badge but its seems things aint just what you read as sometimes my gigs seem to be stagnant.
I have tried several tips on how to succeed but i have very low sales, my services and customer relation are wonderful and i have shared my gig on several sites and social media platform, used the buyers request section daily but nothing seem to be working towards my favor.

Some of my competitors i noticed we started around the same period now have up to 20 sales ahead of me.

Are there what need to be done as a level 1 seller to succeed more.?

Is any one facing similar setback, do you think fiverr should change her algorithm to favor everyone equally by featuring gigs at random instead of selected gigs.?
Your comments and tips.

how many orders do you cancel ?
and how do you get customers?

Are there what need to be done as a level 1 seller to succeed more.?

Here is one thing I suggest. Take out the claim you are a Yale University graduate.

As a graduate of Harvard’s psychology program, I am in agreement.

In any case, writing “YALE UNIVERSITY” with quotes tends to lend the whole thing an entirely new air of unintended comedy. Or should I say, “COMEDY”?