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8 Positive Reviews > 1,000 Positive Reviews

Try this experiment, search for your gig and filer by Avg. Customer Reviews. Chances are you’re going to see people with 8 reviews, 4 reviews, 2 reviews, that are above you just because their reviews are 100% positive.

Honestly, is it realistic to expect a 100% rating? It’s impossible! Even refunds can lower your rating. If a buyer gives you 4.5 instead of 5, that lowers your rating.

I don’t think that’s the case…just have a look at “Articles and Blog Posts” and check the gigs at the top…they get several negative reviews, and yet stay at the top. They get 100-140 orders with a delivery time of 3-5 days, no idea how they manage it.

I have a rating of 99% after having done 3000 orders, and I’m in the 20th row or something. Not that it matters, I get enough work to last the day. I am actually happy not to be at the top - those at the top have a rating of 95-98%, get many negative reviews, do 100-150 orders every 3-5 days. I don’t think I would be able to handle so many orders, obviously, so I’m happy where I am.

100% rating here and my gigs are not visible mostly even with the Avg. Customer Review filter. 100% delivered on time. I have repeat clients.

@misscrystal, I think that may have to do with the fiverr editorial focus. I wish I knew what that was… sigh.

That’s not it.

As a new buyer, I have quickly learned that reviews mean very little around here. Sellers learn how to manipulate their reviews so that they maintain the 5 star rating, even when they don’t even bother to respond to buyers. I found a guy with 400 + 5 star reviews and couldn’t even get him to answer a question on an order. I messaged him TWICE and NEVER heard from him. But his 5 star rating and his ‘quick response’ time remain.

You’re a great example, you’ve done 3,000 orders and are on row 20. Why? You should be on the first row, but then again, you don’t deliver in 3 days so maybe you’re better off where you are.

Don’t message people, that’s very annoying. Furthermore, there’s no manipulation going on, people either like your work or they don’t.

Ironically, I hired one of my competitors because I needed a brand name for a new business I’m starting. I don’t like writing for my own projects, and yet I wasn’t crazy about his work. The best he gave me was Vital Vending (it’s a vending machine business), I ended up using an old idea. I’m still happy with his customer service, and I know that writing brand names is very subjective, so I gave him 5-stars. However, if he was a horrible writer, he wouldn’t have 12 on his queue nor would he be in the first row.

Another example was a logo, I paid this guy $30 ($25 for one day delivery) and the first option he gave me was horrible. Then I search on google for the palm tree I wanted, realized the colors I really wanted, and gave him that information. With that, he was able to do beautiful work. I’m proud of the logo I got, it looks like a $450 logo.

My point is there’s plenty of quality on Fiverr, you just have to order and provide instructions. Don’t message unless they want to be messaged.