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8 sales after a week on fiverr With THOUSANDS of impressions. is it normal?

Hi there, im Brian.

Im a new seller here on Fiverr, and my expertise is graphic designs, especially logos.
But im wondering why I get ALOT of impressions and clicks but not that many sales. I don’t complain but is it normal ?
I have been keyword searching and really taken my time to write a good description/profile

Really hope someone can take a look and give me some feedback

Kind regards


8 sales after 1 week is not normal…it’s outstanding in my opinion.
Congrats on this. :grin: :partying_face:


How to show off 101.

Impressions is that your gig has appeared in their search, doesnt mean much other than its popular. Look at your click and conversion rate. 1 sale a day is decent.

I think im nearly completing 1 month, and have 48,000 impressions - but more importantly, 400 clicks, and 55 gigs, so its decent enough. SO yeah is normal - depends on your competition, average sale cost, conversation rates etc - hope it keeps continuing for you bud.