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8 Things We Hate From Buyers

  1. You’re sending messages instead of placing orders. Unless the gig description tells you to message before ordering, DON’T DO IT.

  2. You expect sellers to respond right away. Some of us have jobs, others are sleeping, others are busy. Be patient.

  3. You order 24/hour delivery and start complaining if we’re not delivering in 1-hour, or 5-hours. Be realistic, we’re not secretaries, we know that if we miss our deadline, you can cancel. 24/hour delivery means it can take us 23 hours and 59 minutes. Be patient.

  4. You demand modifications over BS. It’s one thing to demand a modification when we deliver the wrong order, or if we really screw up. But if you purchase 5 book titles and don’t like one, don’t demand a modification. You’re getting quantity to find quality, and we know you’re not going to publish that book under 5 different titles.

  5. You think we’re abusive if we don’t kiss your butt. You’re not a boss, we’re not employees, we’re independent parties trading with one another. So if you want to be treated like a master, hire a slave. We’re not slaves.

  6. You place an order, and communicate outside the order. What’s the deal with that? Do you know how frustrating it is to open an order and having to waste time clicking on your name to find your instructions? Communicate within the order! How hard is that?

  7. You leave a bad review without warning us. What’s the deal with that? We don’t want bad reviews, and as much as we hate revisions, we’ll either revise the work or give you a refund.

  8. You fail to read the entire gig and gig extras. You pay for a Facebook ad and then complain because you didn’t get a mockup with a picture. Sorry if the portfolio samples confused you, but if you had read the gig you would have known that mockups are extra.


One comment since you (fastcopywriter) said “things we hate”: I know how you feel about the contact issue. For me, though, I want to say that I appreciate and want messages from my potential buyers. Please don’t assume all sellers are against it. That’s all


Heycfonthaunt I just think fastcopywriter means that sometimes buyers become chatty. Some of them begin leaving instructions here and there, and I have to spend a lot of time trying to collecting all their ideas in one coherent text. Not like a big deal, but still a lot of time waste.

It is also very frustrating when someone asks you what he/she could’ve read on gig description.


The communicating outside of an order is very strange. I just copy paste it into the actual order (I have an autoresponse thingy set up for this situation). But they see what I do, and all orders have a big “write inside me!” box…

I have a needy buyer right now–I’ve just had to reassure them that they’re in the queue (now at the very back for being annoying). For $5, I’m not holding your hand–you’re in a queue and you get it when its done. Inviting a bad review, I suppose, but I’ll just cancel.


These are good points but I have not really had any of these issues with buyers maybe I just have been lucky or not been around long enough



I agree and understand his point. I only clarified the point that I would differ on if speaking to my own potential buyers. For me, the risk of “chatty” buyers is worth it. When I get one who seems to not intend to order or is going to be difficult, I let them know I can’t spend more time and I suggest that they find someone else.

I don’t expect fastcopywriter to change his preferences based on mine and I think we have lots of respect for each other. My comment is just a friendly opinion. :slight_smile:


My issue is that most buyers assume most sellers are for it. I see messages as a waste of time, and waste of money. I want to get orders and deliver them as soon as I can, so I can get my money ASAP. When buyers dillydally, I lose money.


Good point, I do the same.


I’m happy to hear that.

So you’re not getting messages from buyers asking:

Are you available?

Do you do voiceovers?

Here’s one of the messages I got today:

"“Hi There! I’m working on a t-shirt project focused on climbing lovers. I’d like to make a good advertisin on fb to test the first subject I drow. And I’d like to test it in the UK market. I’ll use a t-shirt servece like Could you help me please?” "

See what I mean? Why not just order?


I welcome messages from buyers. People get reassurance from open communication.


I welcome messages that don’t waste my time. Out of today’s messages 90% of them were literally “can you work” “I don’t need x amount of words, do you offer a deal on slightly less” and “hello”. The best was someone who wanted a sample. I said ‘no’, and they insisted I send them a sample. I said no again, and got a lot of tutting about being unprofessional.

I’m not allowed to say no? Pff.

If it was just once a week, fine, but this is a daily time sink, and some people don’t listen to anything except what they want to hear. I’ve got a mod request going into week 3 now (AWOL buyer)… I’m pretty tired of other people’s shit…just look at my reviews, I usually nail it. If I didn’t, it’s because the buyer didn’t know what they wanted. And if the buyer doesn’t know, I sure as hell can’t help. If you message me first and you’re not sure/time wasting, you’re automatically dumped.


By the way, is anyone else not getting their likes logged? No matter how hard I click, that green thumbs up never lights up. Pretty trivial, but it does seem to be a bug from where I’m sitting.


Your rant is so negative, beginning with your subject title. Obviously you feel very strongly about experiences as a top rated seller. As a buyer, I want to engage the seller on my particular requirements to 1) see if the gig will meet my expectations or if a custom order will better meet my needs, and 2) if the Seller has a good grasp of the English language so I know I will be able to communicate with him/her easily. There are new buyers registering on Fiverr every day, looking for the right fit, which includes exchanging dollars for services with sellers that have pleasant personalities. I am sure you reached TRS because you know how to deal with buyers successfully. So I am surprised a TRS level seller is risking alienating potential new clients. This rant must be that important to you to take that risk. Sorry for the bad experiences you’ve had.


No! Not UK market testers!!!


I gave you a thumbs up just now.


He is probably very busy and doesn’t have time to spend on messaging. It can be very time consuming. It is a balancing act to exchange messages without spending too much time every day doing it.


Thank you! But it’s still not working for me…oh well.


Plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak. It IS a problem: time is finite, and time wasters apparently infinite. Your tune would change if you had to deal with dozens of people who can’t even be bothered to read your gig and ask questions that are already answered.

Who wouldn’t become a little jaded and negative after the millionth moron asked a dumb question?

And after all, shouldn’t it be obvious whether a seller has good English from a gig description? And unless that seller was hawking articles, does their grasp of English matter when you want, say, some art, or pretty rocks, or a website mockup?

A top rated seller is just a meaningless trinket of a title. They’re good at what they do, and have been recognized. As misscrystal states, it’s time consuming–and time wasting. By all means ask a question, but at least do some due diligence first.


I try to be nice when buyers message me, but this forum isn’t for niceties. This isn’t a tea party, it’s a forum for people to speak truthfully.

I understand your rational. However, most sellers that can’t write English well are not going to hire someone to write their gig description for them. You should also look at the reviews. I know some reviews can be bought, but nobody buys 50 reviews, or 100 reviews. That would require investing a lot of money most scammers don’t have.

If all you do is message people, you’re only wasting your time and theirs. Furthermore, personality is irrelevant, when I buy a gig, I’m buying based on portfolio samples and reviews. A nice seller that does crappy work is useless to me.

Fiverr is the online world, so why have offline expectations? Be happy you don’t have to put up with traffic, write a creative brief, and wait a week or more to get your work.

As a matter of fact, I rarely hire anyone that takes more than 3-days to do the job. I make an exception for newbold3d, because he’s a genius graphic designer with 31 people in his queue. He always does quality work whether you hire him for $5 or $50.


I’d think that anyone who required 100 reviews to start selling probably has a crappy product anyway. My favourite buyers are those I can just be blunt with. “this isn’t working, let’s try xyz”–but you know, those clients are also paying for me to engage my brain and not just churn out tripe that fits their expectation which is completely wrong–no market research, no nothing. Just anyone breathing between 8-80 who needs a shower–and my copy wasn’t killer? Your brief killed it, my friend, and I can’t save your business.

You can find great people who do fantastic work for pennies. But that’s the exception, not the rule. To expect that while failing to help the person you hired to do good work… well, whose fault is that, really?