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80% positive rating how can I send buyer requests

I have completed my first order. It was a very easy task I completed in time the buyer asked me to write a sentence in logo which uses a work Place instead of writing capital “P” I wrote in small he asked me for revision and I made it capital in half an hour.

He has given me 4 stars and a review which only illustrate the order he gave me not about his experience with me or something about my skills. Now the problem is due to his 4 star now I have 80% positive ratings and now I am not eligible of sending buyer request which was the only source for me to get attention of buyers.

This happened last night and I donot know what should I do. Can any one please brief my about any other way of getting order and going across 90% line.

You could always send the buyer an official request to modify their review. They are encouraged to leave whatever review they feel reflects their experience with you and your order. A 4-star review is actually a very good review.

You are not entitled to a 5-star review. But, you can always express your concern to your buyer, share your reasoning, and they might be willing to alter their review.

Other than that, you can always market and promote your gig on your own. Don’t reply upon Buyer Requests to be your only source of potential sales.


Thank you!
Your response worth alot to me. I asked him to give me 5 star after he gave me 4 star and told him the reason. But he did not replied. Now he is offline for last 8 hours I hope when he come again he may response.

Secondly I am not getting how can I market my gigs. I mean if you are asking me to promote them on social media or other accounts. Then I do not think its gonna work because all my friends and family member do not need any of such services.

As with any marketing, you need to figure out who your target customers are (the people who need your services), then, you need to figure out where those people are located. After that, you then go to where those target customers are, and you tell them about the services that you offer. How you choose to tell them, is what we call “marketing”. The more creative, and the more targeted your efforts are, the better your results will be.

Okay !!!:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: