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80% responsive I have responded to all buyers


I have responded to all my buyers within 2hours and its saying I am 80% responsive is there something wrong.


It’s just a bug with the site. You can open a ticket for customer service to correct it. It happens to me about twice a month.


So glad you asked this! I’m new and noticed this as well and was confused why. Good to know for future reference.


Contacting CS about this is useless as it keeps happening. I always answer within minutes, an hour at most. Still the response rate is around 80%. Up to the point where I think eff that !@#$.

Now they have the more detailed analytics page, they really should put some effort into fixing that bug. It’s annoying.


At least we know where our 20% is going: into fixing stupid bugs. Hurray! I always wanted to pay a system like this!

Mine is at 93%. I’m pretty sure it should be 98-9%. If it hits 89% and under due to stuff like this (ugh)

Why on earth should I even bother? Also, my new analytics page is bugged, but I can’t be assed. Same shit, different day.


Why is my 20% and yours being spent on manually debugging bs like this–and adding pointless shit like cancellation rates that everyone also hates.

Can’t you just go after the “joke” gigs added after the YT scandal? Or just the morons? Or are we meant to be the only damn doers, doing everything we can to run a business on this car crash of a system.

Take this. This was posted on Twitter when nothing could be done.

W**Fiverr. Sort your shit out. You think anyone gives a crap about that interview when gigs are running late, attachments can’t be opened etc? Shut up! Don’t talk about scaling when your platform is poleaxed…again.


It’s bad enough to have our response rate go down even when we answer on time 100% of the time, and then to see it wrong again on our analytics page.

Then to see my cancellation rate on the analytics page look huge, when buyers either asked for things I don’t offer, or made mistakes and ordered two or three times by mistake.

So, all I can do is ignore both. There is nothing I can do about either of those.


give me order now,


That kind of thing drives me nuts. I’m always getting messages from people with zero punctuation and terrible grammar asking me to outsource my writing jobs to them. Um… no.

Is it just me, or does this affect my ratings even if it’s spam and marked as such? So annoying.


I also respond quickly to all customers, but in constantly show incoming clock so that I can be a need to respond more or decrease the speed of response. Nothing can be done. Previously, it was 100% is now only 90%


The trick is to make it as annoying for them as for us by raising tickets every time it drops a single %. :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing that, but still it doesn’t work. I have messages with the little red clock beside them and that warning clock stays there even when I answer the message, so it still looks like I didn’t answer in time even though I did.

This morning I posted another ticket to say my response rate was wrong but they reset it and it is still wrong due to messages that remain showing as late even after I answer them.


You have to report the clock problem separately. I had that once too, but they cleared it. It’s a different bug than the response rate bug.


thanks everyone my report was cleared 100% response rate now


Oh yes! So is mine. So grateful for this post otherwise I wouldn’t have questioned it.


Happens to me all the time. Contact customer support, explain you respond to 100% of messages and ask for a refresh. They do that and it goes back to 100%.


…and people wonder why CS responses lag…


Halo emmaki,
Yesterday I have the same problem as you :smiley:
And I read others topic about this, I found some comment suggest us, to report and request thi fix it in your account, and I did it, not even an hour, my accouny rate is back to 100%

Hope this is helping.


They must be so tired of this same problem all the time, almost as much as we are.
I think they have the same person always answering that one now.


Keeps people employed. Part of Trumps plan for the economy.