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84k impressions per month to 1k in last 7 days

During January my best selling image transcription was placed in the first row in the Data Entry section so I was enjoying getting quite a lot of orders.

During late Jan I had to cancel an order because a buyer wanted me to redo a 29 page doc in a different format which was not what the initial order was placed.

So my gig was pushed to the bottom of page 1 and the first 2 rows of page 2. Even after that I was getting a decent amount of orders from new buyers.

Since those days my impressions have been gradually decreasing from 84k for the last 30 days, now it is down to below 1k for the last 7 days.

Sometimes the gig disappears in the listing, whereas sometimes it pops in the middle of page 1 but most of the times in page 2 or 3.

Is there something wrong after the cancellation in January or having a bad time.


When you cancel for any reason, it can affect your gig rank for some time. I think there should have been a pop-up that gave you a little note about it when you canceled. It is unfortunate but it happens. As far as I know, gigs usually regain ranks as long as all your stats continue to rise and that includes completion rate.

Since yours happened in January, I would guess it depends on how your other stats are and if you’ve had enough orders to level things out. If your completion rate is 100% now, that should be a big help. If your other stats are all good too, you might want to submit a ticket to Customer Support and just ask them if your gig is showing up as intended. Everyone does have rank changes sometimes, not always for a big reason.

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My cancellation happened on Jan 20 so its been around 3 months to be precise.

I was worried as this has been the best seller for me for quite some time and suddenly from 84k per month to below 1k for a week.

What about the rest of this?

Oh sorry i have replied before typing fully.

My stats are all at 100%

I will try sending a message to CS


Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Got reply from CS.

Seemed like a template reply as nothing wrong in Gig and they don’t guarantee impressions. And to promote gigs in social media.

I am facing same problem here . Day by day my gig impression decreasing . I contacted with the support team , they replied me as like --" Fiverr is a dynamic market place , We can’t make sure your gig place , Your gig impression and views depend on your performance " . and also they mentioned me a link to visit how to …

My gig impression was 8k now its total 400 :disappointed_relieved:

However , I am trying to share my gig

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I’ve been sharing it once every 3-4 days in social media but yet couldn’t keep up with it going down


I studied myself lot of things , why i am facing this problem .

  1. I lost my level . Now i am seller level -1 (I was seller level-2 , 3 months ago ) ,

  2. I am not getting any order or message from any client .

  3. I am sharing my gig but not increasing the conversion (imp, view, click ) , because my gig many many far away from the search position .

  4. Many more :disappointed_relieved:

Now just waiting for the improvement . I dont know what will be happened

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Hope everything gets fine for you too

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Thank you @minfas123 Very much , I hope so …
Have a good day !

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