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866 buyer request but no reply

I already submit 866 buyer request but no buyer replies me yet

Here is the sample of my buyer request:
Buyer request: Hello ,i need a real state business flyer
My reply: Dear great buyer, Don’t worry, I will create your real estate business flyer. You think that I am new but I can be new but I have more than 5 years experience in graphic design. I am sure you will hire me and I will not let you down. I am ready to start your project with unlimited revisions and free support… Thank you.

Is anything wrong with my request please help me?

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There a lot of things you could improve in your reply.
Just saying a simple hi/ hello is enough. Saying “dear great buyer” doesn’t sound right.

Stating you are new is not the right move. You could mention your experience without the new part.

Your offering is not clear? How are you going to execute the design? What can you create? What kind of designs you do? Minimalistic, maximalist, contemporary, etc. You could elaborate on that.

Lastly, don’t make it too long. Keep it short and precise.

Hope this helps


Yes same issue to me yaar?? :heart: :heart: :heart:

In addition to the great advice above :point_up_2:t2: I would suggest you to read the buyer’s request carefully and tailor your message to present solutions to the client’s needs.

So far your message is all about you and nothing about the buyer’s request. Good luck


None of the things you wrote is right in my opinion.
Let me try:

Hello there! I can design you an attractive real estate flyer.

I will provide a basic sketch for the flyer design and after ensuring your satisfaction, i will give you a finished product. If there are other key details(include what might be those key details so they know you have made a custom message for them), i can also make a preview to solve those out. Additionally, i will give you 1 revision for the touch ups. All included in the price.
Contact me for more details
I am looking forward to working with you!

  • Please do not mention years of experience, you being new.
  • Do not offer unlimited revisions and have a stronger stance and be confident.
  • Do not say “i will not let you down”
  • Do not say “I am sure you will hire me”
  • Never ever never never ever never ever ever ever say “dear”

There are hundrends of people writting exactly what you just wrote there.
Be confident, be direct. Things will turn out.


There is a TON wrong in your response.

This sounds really weird. How do you know they are a “great” buyer? They may be a real jerk! Instead, you can just say, “Hi, and then their Username”.

This is also weird sounding. If I were a buyer and reading this, I would say to myself, “Who said I was worried?” Leave this out of your reply.

As a buyer reading this, if I even got past the other stuff, I would be thinking, “Why is this guy assuming what I think?”

It seems every graphic designer or logo maker says the same thing - I have 5 years experience. No one cares, trust me.

Well, obviously, this line has not come to fruition if you have used it 866 times and no one has hired. As a buyer, I would be thinking, “How can you be so sure I will hire you?” This would sound better if you have to say something about being hired if you said, “I would be honored if you hired me for your project”

As a buyer, I would hope so, unfortunately, I have been let down already by your reply to my request, so, I am worried you may very well let me down!

This just smacks of desperation to tell you the truth. Saying something like this really lowers your stock value and no one wants to buy something that comes off as though they do not have something better to do.

Get rid the of the “unlimited revisions” and “free support” stuff too. You are just asking for abuse from buyers if you get one from this type of response you send out.

Also, if you are just using the above response for all of the Buyer’s requests you have answered, as in, you keep copy/pasting this, this is also why no one is contacting you to hire you. A buyer knows a copy/paste reply when they see one, and it doesn’t look too professional. (I know you probably change the “real estate flyer” part, but, still, this whole thing sounds like a copy/paste reply to me).

So, yes, there is a lot wrong with your reply. It is not attractive at all.



I was wondering how and why one should send a whole 866 Buyer’s Request and no response yet?

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In addition to what has been advised:

Check out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Responding to Buyer Requests).

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