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-$88 Balance after $250 order cancellation due to chargeback


Guys, something strange happened today!

One of my orders worth $250 has been cancelled by Fiverr due to a chargeback. Now I have a minus balance in my account. The thing is that this buyer gave me a 5-star rating for this order, which was completed in June, 2017. So, there’s no valid reason behind this chargeback :frowning: Confused :(:thinking:

This is not the first time I faced this kind of issue. I lost over $2500 due to chargebacks from various buyers. Fiverr must do something about this :frowning:

Contacted Fiverr CS in this regard and looking forward to their response.


I say this every time but I’ll say it again. Find where your work is being used online and request its immediate removal because of non-payment. End users of content don’t do chargebacks. Resellers and middlemen do. They don’t try to get their money back immediately as they know that their account will get banned. This is why they wait.

Worse, you can guarantee that if you have lost $2,500 overall because of chargebacks, you are probably being taken for a ride over and over again by the same reseller operating under a new account identity.

My most successful countermeasure to a similar situation was to look at my chargebacks, find out where my content was being used and guess what? Both websites had been created by the same web design company.

I contacted both sites, both immediately removed my work and I’m guessing that both went all guns blazing after the people who were supposedly in charge of their web marketing.

I can not stress how important it is for people to do this. My first chargeback came from a buyer who had a profile showing they were based in Cyprus. My second a few months later showed that the buyer was based in the UK. They were, however, the same person and if I hadn’t put my foot down, I’m pretty sure that I would have kept on having chargeback after chargeback.

There is a culture of people who make it their business to never pay for services on Fiverr. This being the case, anyone who ever does this deserves the biggest and most unapologetic slap in the face that you can give them.


You can request that customer support disputes the chargeback with Paypal and it MIGHT get your money back.


You wrote a brilliant reply.

Yes, a few unscrupulous resellers are typically the ones causing this problem. However, Sellers have no way of knowing which type of reseller they’re working with until they’ve been burned. Creative work demands impeccable communication, which is already restricted on Fiverr, now add a middleman and you’ve increased your chances for a chargeback.

My only 3 star review came from a reseller. By the time he went back and forth with his client requesting revision after revision I was working for free, and for hours, and the 3 star review was salt in the wound.

I choose not to work with resellers anymore. Sure, that may be work I would not have gotten, but when I averaged my profits and losses I found it lowered my hourly rate to a point that I couldn’t afford to work and stay competitive on Fiverr. Over time, I’ve developed ways of weeding resellers out.


Absolutely right, same thing happen with me i lost 400 USD after 2 months of its completions with good rating and reviews by my client. Even fiverr does not notify me anything why they cancel order. It just shows " Order cancel by fiverr customer support " and negative balance in my account.

Please help me what i do now…?