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88% Completion Rate as new Seller?

I did not realize a buyer had placed an order with me when they started messaging me. I was on mobile at the time and received no alert telling me that I had one, so I created a custom order for $5, and the buyer accepted. Then they told me they had already paid, so of course I wanted to cancel the extra order that should never have existed.

Today is my eval day and I’m at 88% completion, which is substandard. Nobody from Fiverr has responded to my CS ticket, so do I expect to get blacklisted or canned from the site?

I don’t follow. Why would you be blacklisted? You didn’t break any terms.

No. You will not get blacklisted from the site. An order completion % of less than 90% only prevents you from leveling up to the next level if you have otherwise met all the other requirements for the next level. It doesn’t affect your ability to otherwise offer your services on Fiverr.

Your order completion % is only calculated based on the orders you had in the last 2 months. You can always improve your order completion % by completing more orders in the future.

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