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8th March....Women's Day!


Hey Cats and guys,

Its 8th March,anyone of you remember that how important this day is…!!!
The day of Beautiful,gorgeous,intelligent and compassionate women.I feel proud to be a daughter,sister and Phopho. (Might be a wife and mother in next few years hahaha).:joy:

Woman is blend of beauty and brain who can put all things rigt.

Wish you all gals a wonderful day.Here is a quick gift for all of you charms :kissing_heart:

Hey Rabbits,
What gift you gonna give to women associate to you?, What? No gift?..Awwwhhh…that’s very bad.

Must give a great gift to them as they are great

One thing more,don’t forget to send a gift me too as I’m also one of your cute SISTER ,Bhai.:sunglasses:



I’m not a woman so I’ll just move along…


If you are a rabbit,then? @rainny_writer


Happy Women Day :slight_smile:



@rainny_writer So are you an Alien ??? :frowning::fearful:



@djgodknows come see how good I am. I’m much better than you at…stealing memes


Okay, @anjylina HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY TO YOU! Make a wish, and I’ll follow through on it…

Maybe we can start with the first “wish” on your post[quote=“anjylina, post:1, topic:111573”]
Might be a wife and mother in next few years

Will you M****** me?




Come on, fiverr censored the word!

And if I type it in again, they’ll do same… maybe you can infer what I mean from my posture?


I should see as well.

Hmm… it was not censored. lol :joy:


@rainny_writer is it??? :astonished:


But it’s always censored when I type it in!:hushed:

I give up…

Wait, @anjylina now you know what I was trying to say, can you just answer the question… Please?


Interesting.:joy:…I might be able to accept your proposal if you haven’t sent a stock image :wink:


But that’s me! I modeled for Times Magazine back in the day. That’s where the photo came from :disappointed_relieved:. Puhleeaazze don’t reject this hearty Women’s Day proposal from me. I l*** you so much; I’d leave Fiverr if you do.


But you are a baby as your mom quoted.





Oh, yes, I’m my momma’s baby… Forever and always.

Remember Fiverr does not allow below 13? Well, I am, at least, above 13, so I’m not a BABY (except to my mama)


Still mama’s baby shouldn’t propose a girl/woman of age 20 ,right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also my mom is a female edition of HITLER and her sandle is really well known for its hardness. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So now stop kidding BABY.


But I gave a lower age limit…[quote=“rainny_writer, post:18, topic:111573”]
I am, at least, above 13

but not an upper limit…[quote=“anjylina, post:19, topic:111573”]
a girl/woman of age 20

which means I could easily be above that bracket (13 - 20)… which means I can PROPOSE :joy:

Now, thanks for accepting. It’s time to start making arrangements for the marr**** ceremony. Would you prefer I come to you, or you to me?