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8x Gig Extra-Now what to do?

Great news. I was given a 3k word scene of a book to write for a client. I tried telling him that it had potential to be greater but he since he wasn’t confident because we were working together for the first time. I delivered the gig order today and just got an update from Fiverr. He was so pleased with the result that he ordered gig extra for more words. I had created a gig extra order for 1k words and he ordered 8x1k words gig extra!

Bad news,I am not sure how to handle it. The gig extra didn’t come with additional time since it was just 1k words. When a client adds gig extra, can it be late? I don’t see anywhere to cancel or even to show a deadline. It still says that the order will be marked as completed in 3 days. Is this going to be marked as on-time delivery? The original 3k words were submitted on time.

Thanks in advance for helping me to figure this out.


Are you able to request an extension?

I’ve had sellers inbox me to discuss extending delivery & for how long. I’ve always tell them to go ahead. They use the resolution to send me a request for more time.

I accept. It increases delivery time.


No, I don’t see any option at all with what to do with the project.

To ask for a time extension, you need to click the “Visit the Resolution Center” button from the box top right when you click on the order.

Really? That can be done? And, it doesn’t affect stats any at all?

It should change the delivery time, so there shouldn´t be any effects on the stats. It´s only permitted once per order, though, so better ask for enough days right away.
I can´t vouch for it really not affecting stats, though, I haven´t used it myself yet.

Oh, and perhaps you´d like to add your voice here on this suggestion to remedy the source of your current problem:

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I agree. I have had to do this before with my orders. Go into the resolution center, as mentioned above. Then select how much of a time extension you need. Then your buyer will have to agree. Once they do, the time is extended. I would also recommend messaging the buyer and explain to them that you are asking them to agree to the extension due to the extra order. It will not affect your stats as late.


As stated before, you can request a delivery extension in resolution center. It does not affect your stats in any way if it’s accepted before the original deadline. :wink:

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Thanks, I did and seller agreed. I wish I had known this before. I wouldn’t have lost my level 2 badge last month.