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9:35pm No update yet on Evaluation day


So, today is my evaluation day…

It’s 9:35pm EST at night no updates yet. How late do you usually wait?


Mine is on the 14th also, but usually I get my message Concerning St Levels Day when I check my messages the morning of the 15th MST.


Here 15th & 11.55 AM. UTC+6 time zone. no update


It will happen when it happens. Please be patient.


On my end it always happens about 12-24 hours later than they claim :roll_eyes: (and yes, I know how to convert between timezones)


I think mine is going to be 24 hours this time. Oh, well, I am not worried!


Although mine states the 14th… it’s generally the 16th before I hear anything…

It is what it is.


Good lol that evaluation stuff is lame anyways


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