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9 orders in the first two weeks + a 10$ tip!

Aye aye yo after nights of discomfort, ache, and a legit harsh routine, I have made it this far. Cheers to me! :clinking_glasses:

And incredibly, not only 5.0 ratings but I got one 4.7 as well :bowing_woman:
Which is sorta fine.

:clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses:


That sound’s great. Congrats and all the best

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Congrats, I made it to 2 orders in 2 weeks!

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congrats i made only two in my first week
and after that i go no order
any suggestion for me please tell me
and help me

That is plenty. Congratulation!! Good luck!

Thanks, same to you!

That’s cool. Hopefully, you will get more in the coming days!

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I don’t really have any pro tip for you. But I would suggest you do some research over the keywords in your service category and make sure to have an attractive title, as well as a brief but compelling gig description such that it pretty much describes your skills in a few words as the majority of people, don’t prefer reading long-form posts/description. I hope that helps!

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Thank you! Good luck to you as well

wow. great. keep creating. :grin: :grin:

Great result!) I hope success awaits me too, new on Fiverr

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Thankyou. Best wishes for you elena. Its all a matter of time and struggle. You will get along with it all in some time. Good luck!

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you get orders from gigs
not from buyer request

congrats, keep going…

My first order was through the buyer request. Now I receive them direct from the gigs

congrats, great news for you

Congratulations :star_struck:
Great work.
Keep it up.
Hope you will get more orders.
Best of luck.

Geart Work
Congratulations :innocent: