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9 Paypal chargebacks

All from the same user. Leaving me with a negative balance and order completion rate in red. And I don’t even charge a lot on here for this particular reason. But when you buy like 10 gigs and chargeback all of them, it defeats the purpose of it. I’ve sent a ticket to Fiverr, let’s see what CS has to say. I’m not taking the hit for this nonsense.

Funny thing is, I have blocked this user multiple times after he first ordered. He was asking for free stuff, discounts, being difficult about revisions, and overall asking dumb questions and making dumb comments. After I blocked him the first time he just placed an order. I wrote to CS saying I didn’t trust this buyer and they said they would look into his behavior. The next time I blocked him, he was spamming me with random questions (related and unrelated), requests for discounts and free stuff. After blocking him that second time, he placed like 4 different orders at once. At this point I’m dreading the Fiverr system as I am forced to work with him because he can order from me regardless.

In my mind I’m thinking he would do something like this but it didn’t happen. Maybe he was just socially oblivious. So I began just accept that, he became a regular customer and I even did some extra work for him free of charge because he was patronizing my business so much. Then BOOM. Exactly what I expected. He was a scammer who probably planned to chargeback all of this from the beginning. And Let CS know ahead of time this buyer is suspicious and I DON’T want him to order from me, but alas I was forced to deal with this nonsense and the inevitable out come of it.


Ironically I just got this in my inbox


I really hope you get this sorted out - please can you update us when you hear anything? This is just wrong. :frowning:


I definitely will update. Especially after my spidey senses went off and there was literally no way to protect myself from this behavior.


this is really bad. hope fiverr CS will do something on it…

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I’m so sorry this has happened to you. All I can say is watch out now for your buyer/thief coming back under a different pseudonym. Also, if possible try and find where your work is being used online. If you can, demand its immediate removal. 99% of the time it is not end businesses which do this, it’s opportunistic re-sellers. Out their SOP to their end clients and you destroy their business.

It is the ultimate and most fitting form of revenge possible.


Thanks so much, i’m actually working on that now :smiling_imp:

He made the mistake of giving me the YouTube channel in which he posts the songs. So I’ve already sent copyright claims.


This is why Fiverr should never allow cancellations to be counted in as a requirement for keeping levels. We have no control over this. On top of that, they leave us no ability to protect ourselves - and they refuse to do it for us. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario.

Implementing a permanent block feature to these buyers would help sellers. It would also give sellers more incentive to offer higher paying services. With chargebacks, many sellers may be leery of selling higher-priced gigs because we’re the ones taking the hit financially (paying Fiverr back) and then our stats.

With all the fees Fiverr is getting, they must do something that will protect its sellers. Stop giving all the power to buyers and give sellers some incentive to feel confident in the site.


The most frustrating part about this


Wow, 9 friggin’ chargebacks?! :astonished:

This is some B.S.right here.

I’m anxious to hear CS thoughts. However, I feel like you’ll get the same templated message “Remember, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money” spiel.

Ugh! This is what chaps my arse the most, us being forced to work with scamming Buyers. Why should we? If they would’ve taken your concern seriously, you wouldn’t be in this pickle in the first the place.

Sorry this happening to you. I know it must feel like somebody punched you in the stomach.

Fight this and fight HARD!


Oh my gosh! Absolutely insane!! … :scream: And what makes matters worse is if you’re now in a negative balance, it means you have to essentially, work for free - get that out of the way, then start earning again. I’d be losing it!! Seriously… What incentive is there?

This is exactly why fiverr, needs to begin to take seller’s NEEDS very seriously, and consider requests and suggestions given by sellers, to help keep their workplace comfortable… particularly, when, most recently they have almost been acting more like an “employer” - rather then a mere platform that individuals contact themselves off of.

OFF fiverr, and on your own, if someone ripped you off, you take legal action, against them to recover the monies you worked hard for.

Ughhhhhhhhhh, so sorry this happened! Keep pestering - you should not be penalized for this. That would just be wrong.

Like my pops use to say “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” … there’s some truth to that.

GL!! :hugs:


…And that’s the current campaign they are running? It doesn’t get any better than that! :no_mouth:

Hope they didn’t get it made on Fiverr - would that not break the ToS for Inappropriate/Obscene? :wink:

13+ users, family friendly etc.


You’ve got a point there. :joy:

Oh, the muddiness!
Oh, the murky waters!
Oh, what the Fudge!

Hmm, I thought they wanted to be more professional? I guess they had a change of heart. :heart:

I just post what fiverr tweeted about their latest post from twitter, and the pic was original from fiverr itself, come on, just get over it, who feel so offence with it? I guess NOBODY.

[Removed due to multiple Twitter contacts shown]

That’s reduce the fun of posting on the forum, even it’s from the OFFICIAL FIVERR Twitter.

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Such a great analogy. All the time work and energy wasted. It’s truly annoying. They better handle this the way they are suppose to.

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Trust me I’m just as angry. But Iw ant to give Fiverr a chance to rectify the situation. They have before.

Whenever someone posts about a chargeback this sticks out in my mind. It’s a terrible way to run a business.


Update and it’s good news:



I am so happy for you - sense at last!