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90% delivery time


Hey, If i failed to get 90% order delivery in time before 15-1-2018 …

Should i wait for another one month for the next evaluation ?

Or it’s immediately once i get 90% any time ?


You would lose your level immediately.


I mean after losing it, Will i get it also immediately once getting 90% ?


No one knows yet. We would just be guessing.


Thanks a lot for guessing :v:


You are absolutely right. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: misscrystal


Well, it is just a guess, but on the email about the level system update it says: “Moving forward, we will evaluate your performance every month, and determine your level accordingly.” So what I get from this is that if you lose your level and then get your ratings back up, you might get levelled up after the monthly review.


You don’t need to wait for the evaluation. The evaluation comes whether you wait or not.


I guess after 15 jan you will need to maintain again 90% in 1 month


90% delivery time not perfect for any seller… so delivery time will have to increase as quickly as possible.