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$90 from just one buyer

It’s nice when a customer becomes loyal. My Google Ads gig isn’t very popular, but I have one buyer that keeps ordering it. He always pays $10 for 24 hours, plus one or two gig extras. He’s bought my gig 5 times.

I will enjoy it while it lasts. I pray his ads are getting results.

Good luck…

Great. Communication and quality matters.

I have a repeating client who has ordered my gigs almost 25 times.

I love such customers who pay according to the buyer’s effort. Fiverr has lost such amazing buyers.
I also have a repeated buyer who’s a very nice person and pays me well

They can really make your day, specially on those days when nobody else is ordering. Glad to hear you have a good buyer.

Please Kindly Send Him (or Her) Our Way . . .

Haha, no can’t do. :slight_smile:


Nice. There’s really nothing better when someone values your time and work : )

Nice, Your buyer Pays for your hard work…keep it up.

I love repeating customers. Not only does that mean you’re doing something right on your end for them to continuously come back, but they just make the day better when no one else is ordering. We have a few people that not only buy large orders all the time, but they’ve also recommended us to their friends/family. It feels good when people recognize your hard work.

Yeah, Fiverr is freaky, yesterday I got 5 orders, today no orders, and today is Monday. Maybe the world is on vacation. LOL

It be like that sometimes. This whole summer has been pretty weird for us. We’ll have slow days back to back where you make maybe $20 or $60 and then, BOOM, $200-$300 days back to back. Then again, I noticed that Fiverr changed some things, so maybe that’s the reason orders are all over the place.

@fastcopywriter That is really nice to have such buyers. My repeat buyers are the one who give me the most satisfaction. Communication takes less time and they feel secure about the quality of the work.

Packages have helped me. For example, I had a book titles gig where the average order was $5, people were ignoring the gig extras. Then I created packages, 15 book titles for $15, and yesterday I got a $15 order (gold package) plus $10 for one-day delivery.

That’s why I’ve been adding packages to most of my gig.

I’m curious about one thing, those days you made $200 to $300, how many orders did you get? On August 9 I made $96 out of 11 orders, only 4 of them were $5 orders.

Great :slight_smile:

On average, we’ll get about 10-15 orders on those days. 2-4 will be pretty big orders, 2-5 will be moderately sized orders and everything else is $5-$10.

We haven’t used packages yet, but we were thinking about trying it to start phasing out all of the $5 orders. There will be days where we’ll have 10 orders, but they’re all $5. We just don’t see the point in the queue numbers rising if a lot of the incoming traffic is for 5-10 minutes worth of work. We rather have the queue packed with orders that are larger.

Great Job Man keep it up !!!

Well, I can respect that strategy. I once saw a gig where the packages where $100, $200, $300. That person’s queue wasn’t long, I think I saw one person in line, but if she’s happy doing that, good for her.

I’m interested in $10 orders because 10 of those equal $80, and that’s a great haul for me. Of course, I could make $400 a day, that would be $12,000 a month, a dream come true. With that kind of money maybe I’d be able to buy gold coins or buy trailers and rent them. I like Fiverr, but someday I’m gonna have to retire. My dream is to become a real estate flipper.