90 % of "offers" look like spam


Hi folks, I post request, and I got almost all “offers” like :

“hello Sir I can do this for you send me details”

( all details are in request already, but ok, I send details again, and I got reply :

I can do this for you please send me more details.

What a rubbish…


Hi pepe,
You have identified sellers with “Canned Responses”. Rubbish… I know…

But you simply have to delete them to clear out space and go thru the ones giving a proper response.


Yes, but still, when I am sending an offer, I never get any reply as buyers always go for the ones as in your example, because they get bored reading when they see an organized message & they think it is ‘‘automatic’’. Little do they know I take so much time writing each offer differently for each request.

I used to spend about 20 minutes thinking how to create an offer that would convince the buyer that I have read and understood the requirements & instructions, but never getting contacted back.

At first, it was really disappointing to me, but then I understood that maybe buyers who go on buyers requests just want their job done for $5, no matter its quality. Or, at least for the kind of services I have to offer.

I think as a buyer, you should pay more attention to the efforts put in that offer, and check the buyer’s profile to see how professional he/she really is. :slight_smile:


I took 10 min to create an offer. When I do not get response it seems to waste that 10min then I really think to save an offer and send that to all buyers .But spamming resists me for doing so.


I agree with you @anamariaedan… when you reply with organized automatic message many buyers just don’t read it. This is becasue there are too many clients on Fiverr who offer fake services and are just trying to market their services as best as they can and they don’t offer that quality they describe. No need to bother we that, just try to keep your service as best as you can.

When sending offer always go with short message to the client that is directly connected to the project and at the end in P.S. section just put your cover letter.

Hope this will help you.


@pepe7777 If you’re serious about finding a seller for your job then stop wasting time in buyers request section. Use Fiverr search to find a good seller and talk to them about your custom request.


@around86 What I meant was that they think it is automated if you really put some thought into it and don’t simply write “I can do the job contact me”, which I find really unprofessional, and if I were a buyer, I would like to see that the seller did read my requirements and understood what I need, not just simply replied to the first request they find.


What about if Seller reply with:


I have read your project descrition and I confirm that I can do it. Please check below little bit about my experience and if you like what I do please give me a chance.

(and then you put cover letter here)

Kind regards,
Your name


It is unfortunate. As a seller, I have posted buyer request when buying. The responses seem very hastily done with no concern for professionalism. I think it best to search for sellers as well as put in a request. You can always pause and delete request.