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90 offers sent but didn't get order

Dear Community Support,

I have sent 90 offers but didn’t get a single order nor message. I am really disappointed now because i am online 18 hours on fiver, visit every gig through out the day, keep very low cost. What can i do now? Can anyone help?



Check this out:

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Either your offers include proper seo based

dont lose hope bro :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s very difficult. I am not losing hope but their is big competition.

Be smart on your offers, put your self as the seller you will discover why he didn’t choose you

Be patient, study your competitor’s gigs, see how their offer looks compared to yours. See if you can improve your gig somehow, maybe better images, maybe adding bonuses. Promote your gig on social media to get more impressions and hopefully some orders. Good Luck :+1:

@pedrito2387 really it works??? I think awareness of SEO based content is too important for Fiverr users.

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of course it works, thats why even fiverr stresses the importance of promoting your gigs on social media. But first make sure your gig is optimized,. Good luck :+1:

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Work on improving your gig and making it more appealing!

Brother i think you’re trying very hard, sometimes you have to let go. Just be patient and keep on trying and i’m sure you’ll get your first order. Then we’ll need a party…Keep up the efforts.

Keep sending,
Good luck!