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90+ orders, 100% 5 star, 0 cancellation still level 1


I am looking for help here.

I fulfill all criteria for level 2: I have way more than 50 orders in the last two months, my account is well over a year old, I only get 5 star ratings and I never ever had a single cancellation. However, I am not promoted to level 2.

I asked customer service and they said that I have not been online for a couple of days, and my reduced activity made me ineligble for a level 2. However, I tried to explain that I went on a holiday and I was afraid of turning vacation mode on, as I read on the forum that some people had issues with vacation mode (still getting orders, etc.). However, the support team did not react to that.

I really do not know what to do and I would appreciate your help a lot.