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90 percent atleast for BR

So, I currently have a 4.2 rating, in order for me to send BR’s again, I need to have a 90% positive rating at least. Now, what I’m thinking is if there is a way for me to find out how many 5 starred orders do I have to complete to at least get to 4.5 or 90 percent rating?

Can anyone help?


Short answer: Math.
Longer answer: Your rate is calculated based on an average of all the ratings you’ve gotten, of ALL the ratings, 5-star and below. To find out how many more 5-star reviews you will need to raise your average, you’ll need to do the math.



To get an accurate figure like was suggested you could get the average of all the ratings etc.

But roughly (assuming the total rating was about 415.8, ie. about 99*4.2),
with 45 additional 5 star ratings, avg rating would be: 4.45, which might get rounded to 4.5 which would be enough for sending offers to buyer requests I think. I think it checks if it’s >=4.5 star average.

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yep, I did the math and had the same answer.
Thank you :))

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