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90% positive rating issue

you must have at least 90% positive rating…
i cant send buyer request since 1 month
please anyone can tell me what is the solution of this problem


Yeah, unfortunately, until you get your positive rating to 90% or higher (by completing more orders), you will not be able to access any buyer requests. You could wait for one more month (a total of 2 months) after which, I believe the positive rating would be reset to 100% (if you don’t get any more negative reviews) because it only takes into consideration the ratings received in the last 60 days. However, your negative rating will still remain on your profile even after the 60 days are up.

In the meanwhile, when you are unable to see BRs, you could try to do some targeted marketing of your gigs on social media or other relevant avenues to get some orders.

Alternatively, if you want to start afresh, you could also take Fiverr’s prior permission to close this account and create a new one.

Also, try and learn from the negative reviews. If a buyer says you need to improve your communication, work towards that so that you can be better equipped for your next order. If not, you might end up harming your account even more (by getting more negative reviews).

Good luck!

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okay !
thanku so much

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