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90% positive rating to make new offers

You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers
please help me how to resolve this problem

to resolve this “problem” you need to have positive rating above 90%, i think it’s quite clear.
If you got bad review or let one of your stats to drop below 90% its on you and only on you, you created this problem for yourself and only way to resolve it is to improve your statistics simple as that.
there is no tricks or ways around it. this filter is there on purpose so only best of the best could apply for jobs to ensure better experience for buyers.

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to get orders other way. :woman_shrugging:
it’s only your fault that you let your rating fall under 90% and will have to find other ways to get orders without sending proposals to buyer requests.

On top of that you have english as a fluent language in your profile which is not true. and your 2 star rating you also got because of your bad communication.

thanks for your help