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90% positive rating to make new offers!

How can I fix this now .Please help

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Get more positive ratings (reviews).

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But bow i am unable to send any offer request . Is there any other way to get positive ratings.

You get 10 buyer request offers a day. When you get an order and complete it, buyers then review you and these go towards your rating.

Yes but at this moment i can,t send any offer to them because of not 90% positive rating .
a unprofessional buyer r give me 2.3 rating.

All you can do is provide good quality work for future orders then. Get that rating up again.

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Yes, that,s the last hope but the problem is that is any buyer will provide me any work seeing 3.7 stars.
i am getting so nervous.
Thanks for your time @wolfhowler :heartpulse: