90% positive rating


Hi, Recently i sold 2 services. I’m now under-rated seller(4.2).I’m unable to send buyer request due to 90% positive rating. When i will be able to send buyer request if some one don’t order me willingly?


You will not beable to send buyer requests until your reviews average 4.5. By my calculation you need two 5 :star: reviews to get your 90% back.


But if i don’t get the order from client what will be happened?


The good news is since you are a new seller you cannot be demoted any further. The bad news is that if you do not get any orders you cannot raise your stats. :confused:


You will need to become a clever businessman and find ways to market yourself. If you cannot, nothing will happen.


That means, i have to depend totally on client.?


You have to depend on yourself to find clients.