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90% rating issue , no more able to send buyer request

how to solve this problem , i have 2 review but 2 order is cancel by scammer client ,
how can i improve my rating without send buyer request ?
any body have solution?


Your Fiverr profile (with the same name as your forum one) isn’t showing any reviews at all. It seems there like you haven’t been rated. Do you have a different account with ratings? If the reviews have been removed but it’s not reset something and not allowing you to send offers to buyer requests (and if it won’t reset it tomorrow morning when stats might be recalculated) you could contact CS to see if they can run a fix.

If you can’t send offers to BR you can just try and get orders through the search engine or by promoting your gigs somewhere (either on the forum or some other site).

that is my other account …
this is not a any solution to unblock my BR?

You’re only supposed to have one Fiverr account though. You could get in trouble/warnings etc. if you have more.

In whatever account is stopping you send buyer requests due to ratings, you’ll just have to get orders/ratings from some other method (eg. through the Fiverr search engine or through promoting on sites). Once you have enough high enough ratings you should then be able to send offers to BR (I don’t know if it’s just based on the last 60 days, if it is maybe after 60 days you could send offers to BR).

other one is deactivate …

Great advise, Thank you… :+1:

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help me to sort out,i ma trying to promote my gigs, but no any good response this is all about waste of time

The account where you can’t send offers to BR is deactivated?
If so, there’s nothing you can do to get orders to make the rating high enough to send offers to BR and there’s probably no way waiting 60 days will help either even if that restriction on sending offers is based on the last 60 days of ratings (unless there’s a way to reactivate the account first).

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i am waiting on 3 months … but no any order and no any response , if i am not able to send buyer request how can i improve my rating by sharing my gigs already in many place but no any good response

But you said your other account is deactivated. The account with your current name isn’t deactivated and doesn’t have the restriction on sending offers to buyer requests I assume (since there are no ratings on it). Or do you have any other accounts than this one that aren’t deactivated?

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@humayun_saleem, would you mind telling us which was your other username?

By the way, if as you say, your other account is deactivated, did you get in touch with CS letting them know you were closing it before opening the new one?

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i am deactivate few days … just because searching the solution of unblock buyer request

i close it few days, after 3 to 4 month waiting

Again, can you please tell us which was your other username and if you told CS you were opening a new account?


username is @humayunsaleem

If you did deactivate it you won’t be able to get any orders on it and I think only CS can reactivate it for you (and according to a forum message I read, you won’t be able to reactivate the gigs in it). Also you wouldn’t be able to reactivate it while you have another active account.

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Both accounts are active. You could very well get yourself banned.