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90% Ratings Rule

Hello, fiverr family
I am new to the community and have recently completed my first order. The buyer was satisfied with my end result and gave me 4.3 stars (86% rating). He gave me 5 stars for communication with the seller, 4 stars for service as described and 4 stars on buy again and recommend.
Due to having a rating of less than 90%, I can no more respond to the buyer requests and as I am new to fiverr and this was my first order, I don’t know what to do.
I have read a few topics from this forum regarding the same issue and have realized that the problem is common and people have suggested contacting old buyers whom we have been in contact with but as I have mentioned above, I am new to fiverr and this was my first order.
Please could anyone guide me about what should be my next step?


It’s not a fiverr issue and it’s common only if person gets a lower ranking.

This is a really bad idea and considered as spam on fiverr.

As you might already suspect the only way is to improve your rating. You can wait for orders to come through without BRs or you can start reaching to your target audience


Try your best, Face the message of pressure with patience. We can do, The expert has done.
Believe it. Belief is the master key of all success. Ranked position will come soon.
Thanks for your patient.

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This is a common issue. As my experience , gig marketing is very effective way for you. But must be careful.

We are sorry this happened to you.Now you have only way to improve your gigs images thumbnails seo titles and tags and best service in low rates.So people will find you and will order you.If this does not fits and you does not get any benefits then the only option will be to create now account and start again.But remember before opening new account must get permission from customer support.Furthermore if you have any additional question or confusion then let me know here and i will be happy to assist you :heart_eyes:
Best Of Luck :wink:
Kindest Regards,