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93 days after, a cancellation is counted in my completion rate

I have already informed CS that my completion rate is not correct.
My tickets have always been marked “solved” but there is still a big issue.

I only had 1 cancellation within the last 60 days but the last message I received from CS is:
I have reviewed your account and see that you actually have two orders that were cancelled, FO1D0D716748 and FO6111BFBB546.

I checked the date of these cancellations:
FO1D0D716748: February 12
FO6111BFBB546: November 27
That means that my completion rate is calculated with an order cancelled 93 days ago :scream:

I have already informed Fiverr that one of the cancellation is out of the 60 days period, but nothing has changed since my first message on january 31.
I am lucky, I haven’t been demoted but I don’t know what will be the future and how long this cancellation will be counted in my completion rate!

Please, Fiverr, solve this issue!

Dear sellers, you should verify and calculate by yourself your completion rate!


Did you do the math using the total of all orders in the last 60 days?

I think you can request that someone else looks at the ticket you sent.
Tell them the dates of those two orders. Make sure you do the math correctly first.

I have already calculated by myself:
number of completed order / number of orders (included number of cancellation).

CS gave me the detail of their calculation and we have the same number of orders. But they count 2 cancellations (whereas I count 1 cancellation). They gave me the order IDs and I checked (for the 4th time !!!) the date of the cancellations. As I wrote above, one cancellation is dated February 12, the other is dated November 27.
That’s not complicated to calculate. But they still count the old cancellation (november).

I have already told them 3 times that they shouldn’t count the cancellation that occured on november but I always receive the same answer from them: everything is OK!

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CS wrote:
This was rounded up to 97%.
But I see 96% on my dashboard!

And the result of my calculation (with one cancelation) is 98,3333%