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93 impressions... and no views


Hello, I have spent a total of 6 days on Fiverr and I have garnered 93 impressions, 17 views, 2 social clicks, and 4 clicks but I have not got any order, could you please tell me what I am doing wrong, here’s the link to my profile .


Please send all 10 buyer requests every day. Do you do this? Otherwise, it might be that, buyers will never see you exist online


Hi Sandra: I looked at your gig and the first thing I noticed is there are too many words. Review your gig description like you are a client, ask yourself what is this person going to do for me? Always look at your gig and think from the buyer’s perspective and ask, “as a buyer, what can you do for me”?

Look at the gigs of those who are 5 star in your industry on Fiverr, those with the experience on here and find out what key words and phrases they use in their gigs to entice buyers and follow suit.

Hope this helps.


Hello Sir,
That is another big problem, I hardly get buyer’s request and if i ever get one, it is only requests related to mobile app creation that always appears while I have three gigs offering different services up on my profile. I have never seen any request for my proofreading and editing gig, likewise my email marketing gig.
Help me Sir.


Please be very specific with your skills on the profile section, the category of your gig, and tags of your gig.

I hope you will see relevant buyer requests afterwards