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94% Positive Rating. Just 2 orders and 2 ratings. Need a advice from experienced Fiverr sellers

I’m Michel. I am a new logo designer on fiverr and a premium designer on 99designs. I just have done 2 orders yet. First one is 5$ order and I had 10$ as a tip. Second one is 15$ order. I had positive ratings for both. Unfortunately my second orders rating isn’t 5 star rating. It’s just 4.5 star rating. Now I don’t have 100% positive rating. I try to contact him to change his mind and he didn’t reply.

I told this to one of my friend.(he is a top rated seller on fiverr) He told me to cancel the order. I don’t want to cancel the order. Please check. Its not a such a bad logo.

Is there a another way to change it?

Reply to @kjblynx:

People always looking for 100% or 99% rating. I just have 94%. Buyers will afraid to order my gig.

I don’t usually advise this but you can offer him a refund or keep the 94%. You can’t have both.

I don’t see why people are so uptight about not having 100% or 99% a 4.5/5 is good in my book, now if he gave you a 1, then i could see what the fuss is about. A GOOD rating isn’t even enough now days geesh :-w

Just discuss with buyer if he or she have any issue then fix it. may be that will improve your rating.

Hi Michael,

Sometimes you have to make compromises. 4.5 star is not bad review too. Maybe your buyer used a mobile device and the touch screen caused the issue. Anyhow, you’re doing great. Just keep up the great work, don’t give up and provide your buyers with goo customer experience. That will drive buyers towards your account. Offer something for free to your buyers, something that has a value to them. Positive reviews will come by themselves. People love when they’re appreciated and especially when they spend their 5 or more dollars.

Cheers and don’t give up.




People seem to not understand that once their is a rating it can’t be corrected with a cancellation. It;s happened to me. I contacted Fiverr. That’s the way it goes.

4.5 means he wasn’t 100% satisfied, maybe he was 95% satisfied, or 90%. It’s not a bad review, just make sure that when you respond the review, you don’t give him 5 stars. You should give him 4 stars. Say “Thank you”, but don’t use the exclamation point (!). I save my ! for 5 stars.

I’m sorry you lost rating, the same happened to me. You might have 1,400 positive reviews, and a few negatives can drag you to 98%, even 97%.

Here’s an idea, when you deliver the order write the following.

"If you’re not 100% satisfied, if you’re unable to give me a 5-star review, please request a refund."

This almost guarantees that all your reviews will be 5-stars. On the other hand, this might make more people request refunds, and it goes against every principle of sales psychology. You’re basically putting bad ideas into your buyers’ heads. That’s why I don’t do it. Instead, I write “If you need anything else, please let me know.”

We may not be able to prevent it but this is what I say at delivery:

Thanks for your order. Let me know if any adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!



Like @fastcopywriter said, it shows that revisions are easy and you won’t stop until it is awesome or perfect. I believe the customer wants it to be awesome, or they wouldn’t have ordered it.

Reply to @landongrace: Well, revisions aren’t always easy. Some of my orders require me to use GoDaddy and TESS (for trademark searches), so if we’re talking about a $20 or $55 order, revisions can be a huge pain in the butt. Sometimes I’ll just refund buyers, although I’m glad that the other day I decided to make a revision, and the buyer was really happy. Sometimes the initial brainstorming delivers crap, and so you have to start again. I’m just glad most of my buyers are cool. One guy wanted a partial refund, so I refunded his entire order and gave him my tip link. The order was worth $20, he gave me a $10 tip.

I am still going to remind you of one thing since if you lose your account, reviews won’t matter much. You are still using a photo of a University professor and his name/bio does not match yours at all. If Fiverr catches the theft or worse, the real person in the photograph contacts Fiverr you are going to lose your account altogether. I’m not going to worry about trying to give you other comments until you fix that, since it may not be worth it.

I really like getting those 4.5 reviews sometimes. It’s the kind of thing that gives you a heads up as to where you can seek improvement to create an even better experience. Take it as a lesson, not a thing to be down about. Besides…A couple more sales and you can get out of that 94% limbo that you’re stuck in right now. Positivety takes you a lot further than negativity, but don’t cancel your orders for the sake of 5 stars. You can’t pay your bills with stars(although that would be pretty cool). Just saying.