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95 days on Fiverr and $630


Hello everyone. Ive been on Fiverr for 3 months now and Ive earned $630 which is great!
I need someone to evaluate my profile and gigs to tell me what Im doing right and of course what Im doing wrong.

Thank you so much.


Hi there!
$630 in 90 days is very good! Congratulations!
Your Gigs look good, very professional.
I would advise you to create more Gigs, in order to have more exposure, even when you offer the same but changing the title and tags. In that way you’ll have statistically more possibilities to be found.
On your Gig regarding architectural post production, I would change the tags. At least the first one “Adobe Photoshop”, and put there “architecture”. You may need to think how your potential buyers would find you when writing on the Search bar: by Adobe Photoshop? too general… Architecture, instead, is more specific (also “post production”). Give it a try and see if it improves your Gig.
The other one looks perfect to me :+1:


Spot on advice! Thank you so much.


Congratulation @bassma2017