95% of the seller here killing the market


Are you really really really serios? MEN!!! You went to school taking a 4 years course plus 1 year of masteral dig. Just to sel youre creativty or your skills in delepment for just 5-10 dollar??? O MY GOD!!!


It happens. And they are not forever selling it for $5. They can gradually increase prices.

People always assume that the sellers here don’t earn very much when the opposite is true for those with ability and talent. People’s earnings here will surprise you.

I use an extremely talented designer on fiverr who obviously is very well educated in what he does and does not charge much but he always has over 30 people waiting in his queue. He does very well.


What isn’t there can’t be sold.
Some categories are very over crowded with sellers who sell for the sake of selling, not because they have any creativity or any skills. They weed themselves out over time.


Actually this is not sell your skill for $5. Just start own business… Think your business first and how it needs to grow… If you doesn’t need sell your things here or you have perfect business, you don’t need to sell here… But if are starting business, I think this is free platform to start…


Amen to that. :wink:


Like the new seller level rules. A lot of those “sellers who sell for the sake of selling, not because they have any creativity or skills”, likely have no idea what’s waiting for them in January. The ax will fall. And it will fall on the sellers that have no creativity or skills (of which there are too many of those people here on Fiverr to begin with). :wink:


Well i see it differently from you i believe Creativity is not limited so you can sell it again and again,You’d like to know that 95% of the fiverr developers are not even Certified but (Qualified) indeed,They work hard so much that they are able to sell their work and people who buy it love it.

I myself not a certified designer but won many times in contests and eventually ended up selling my services online,It works great for $5 i make good relationship with buyers because of my affordable service,communication and prompt deliveries.

So in the end its gonna worth it, We work at $5 Market Place :slight_smile:

Have a gOoD Day


This will very likely kill the myth that seems to live in some communities, that you only have to create an account and next week the money is pouring in like water.


I’m glad to see that people can be demoted if they have a high cancellation rate.


It’s a “starting at $5” Market Place.


No, not all of us do. $5 is cheap. I don’t undervalue my services – especially with my years of provable experience, and my many reviews. My professional services are worth MUCH more than $5.


Oh thank you very much


Amen to that! I am eager to see that myth die a horrible, mangled, disfigured death. :smiley:


That clearly means your T shirt service is not professional enough because its still for $5


Not at all. If you were to look over that service more closely, you’d see that I haven’t sold any t-shirt orders in a very long time. That gig is active, but not promoted. I left it live while upgrading it. Check back in a few days, and you’ll see the professional higher-priced version. :wink:

Please don’t make assumptions. The facts are there. You just need to look beyond a quick glance.


I would love to see the success of newly created gig at a price tag of $30 or more


I would be the example you seek.


I have a four year degree in Creative Writing and now I’m working on my Master’s Degree and I started out with really low prices.
It’s tough to find jobs in my field (writing). I could only get unpaid content writing “internships”. I didn’t want to spend three or four years working for free, just so that I could eventually make peanuts.
When a field is really competitive, freelancing provides another avenue to people who don’t want to be undervalued in the traditional job market.
I definitely undervalued myself when I started here, but it was temporary and it was on my terms. Plus…even charging as little as I was, I was making more than anyone in the competitive and very educated city of Boston was willing to pay me. This city is overflowing with English majors.


This is the platform where you show your own creativity…when you do better everyone will haire you a good amount and never give up


hope you know slow and study wins The race …But you are Right about how Fiverr Market place is killing day by day . There is a lot of Seller who don’t know thw ‘w’ of work but they are sending buyer request at random ,just copy and pest there proposal and we Can’t bid on the buyers work . If we Can we found ourself at the last of the request . that makes More difficult to get work . Hope fiverr should Take necessary steps about this .