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95% of the seller here killing the market

That’s true, but some new sellers do it to get the first order.


Don’t judge the book by it’s cover…Fiverr is not what it seems at the homepage…Sellers here are having a good income…just get into it and then see how sellers are using their skills… not killing the market…


Some Pro gigs seem to sell rather well. They all start as newly created with the minimum price of $100+.


When there is so much competition, people are faced with a tough time differentiating. They don’t know who to choose, so price becomes a factor for many. Lower prices feel like they help for some sellers to connect with customers, especially if they are not successful to begin with.


Yes and simply because they are pro gigs, The gig i am talking about has 4 reviews and is 3 years old

You better be
Its been 3 years :joy:

Its all about competition, not about $5 or $10. Seller prefer to get at least something than nothing.Yes, of course, it badly ruins the market value but this might be the one side of the bitter truth in my opinion.

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In 55 reviews you have 3 negative.There are thousands of sellers who do not have higher education, but which in turn can provide quality services at a reasonable price, even if the price is 5$ or 10$.

Not at all. I better sell in my marketplaces my items rather then to work just for $5. So for me is better nothing rather then something ($5).

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You don’t need to be a degree holder to sell ur creativity. I believe creativity comes from observing and critically thinking.

*Just an opinion

It is better to be employed at $5 rather sitting idle



Hey I think more cheap z havg a bad attitude towards ur own work/art/creativity.
There is an option of tips by seller also…if ur work z gud enuf to influence :wink:

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I don’t see how this is in any way related to my remark.

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Mistaken. it was quoted to saadiaa03

what kind of thing you can buy worth 5 dollar?
deducted by 20%? = 4?

i kilo of fish.? worth of 1 day.
then waiting again maybe 1 or 2 week before another 5 dollar?
= to hunger.

Regardless of what $4 does or doesn’t buy, it’s $4 you wouldn’t have had if you sat back and did nothing. :wink:

I’m sorry, I don’t see what the problem is? :confounded:

It’s called Fiverr and you don’t like sellers selling for $5?


Depends on time and service, 5$ can be done within 5 minutes, are sellers who can have hundreds of orders every 24 hours.Financial satisfaction is the same as a PRO-SELLER, possibly higher.

This is the way it should be.


u r absolutely right from ur point of view or social situation…dear, whatever I will earn from the marketplace it will be something beyond extra earnings for me. By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH(SWT), I am very well established. I don’t want to do job 9-5, that’s why I am here trotting in Fiverr.

Wish u good luck and a very successful seller. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadia Islam

What are u trying to say ?