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99.99% Solution for gig filed under DRAFT GIGS

I created a new gig, instead of it being active immediately it went under DRAFT GIGS.
So i tried many things nothing worked


Here is solution for that…

1- Go-to draft gigs and Select the gig which you want to activate

2- Click on Edit

3- Reduce the content of your Gig Title till it reaches 4 words (You can Update it after Gig goes Active don’t worry)

4- Reduce the content of your Gig Description till it reaches min limit (You can Update it after Gig goes Active don’t worry)

5- Save your gig and publish it

6- Once it is live than you can add content till max limit of words.
It worked for me


Thank you
I faced with the same problem. i will try :slight_smile:

It really Worked.

Thanks your helpful post

Has this now changed? It now is called Requests and does NOT seem to give you the option to EDIT?

No it’s not changed… it’s still working 100%

i might be looking in the wrong place but all i see is pending and it doesn’t give me an area to edit either

One more way to Publish your Draft gig…Use Mozilla Browser to publish your Draft gig.

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is it really? :slight_smile: :(:heart_eyes:

Bhai Ka Dhanyawad Dil Se Yr . It’s Working

Thank U So Much Bhai @Zeeshan26

Is this working until now? because I tried this method Many times. but it didn’t work at all. please Help!!! :frowning: