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99% Job Done, Buyer Ask for Mutual Cancellation As Now She Hired Her Friend?

7 Days ago I accepted order after his two pages lengthy requirements. I completed the job with 99% completion and once I delivered the order he reached me.

He submitted order for revision and asked me for mutual cancellation as his friend will do rest of job. Buyer know that Fiverr protect buyer instead of Sellers as they give them back.

He refuses my entire work, changed the store credentials and kept saying - See I didn’t contacted Fiverr for cancellation, I put your order in revision so we mutually cancel it.

Now on Fiverr End they will reply me after 14 days with automated reply within 2 days. They will surely protect buyer as I’ve seen and everybody on Fiverr knows that.

Guys can any one please give me TIPS/SOLUTION how to handle this.


You should only send the job when it’s 100% done. If Fiverr sees that you sent an incomplete order, they will either send a warning or even ban you if the issue was severe.


The order was complete when I sent her, she said extra work to do it. As I offered her edits after order submission.

Was this a piece of written work, graphic, etc? Or was this coding/layout?

Most of the Shopify Store development and later she added coding work that will make just 1% of entire job.

You said this… so it wasn’t complete.

1% I consider as client may ask for revision etc.

Unfortunately, based on my experience, Fiverr will not help you or back you up. I had writing stolen (I could prove it very clearly) and the buyer cancelled the job. The client admitted it right in Fiverr chat, and Fiverr said they would do nothing.

Thanks for your valuable contribution. I faced this before and now happening again

This is a rubbish position to be in.

If you have completed the order as described in the gig, then they have no reason to cancel. Read the terms of service and quote it verbatim at them. .

You’ve done the work and deserve to be paid.

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I’m trouble and I know Fiverr don’t help Sellers. They give maximum protection to Buyers.

Buyer just write one line saying “Poor Quality Work” Okay now who will ensure that seller delivered poor quality that mediator. Fiverr don’t have such option.

Buyer is always superior as compared to Seller, Think buyer is Fiverr Owner and we sellers are just employed for no reason to be unemployed.