99% of new fiverr sellers spend most of their day on buyers request page


true or false? newbie am waiting for you rresponses


As you’ve just made this figure up, I’d guess it’s false?


Hmm, 99% that’s a large percentage.


I was a new seller, now I’m level 1, but I still spend a lot of time on the buyer request page.

I don’t spend most of my day on it though. The secret is to find when the bulk of the requests are posted in your category and then go on right after that so you are one of the first to submit an offer to a buyer.

I also check periodically throughout the day, but I found that after a certain time, nothing new is posted.


When I started I checked it 2-3 times a day. There’s no point sitting around and hitting refresh button.


%99 is very high and when i started i didn’t use buyer request section at all.
These days when i check it I see every request has 10 to 20 reply even request that posted by seller :confused: : WHAT IS GOING OOON


It only takes a minute to check in and see if there are any new jobs id like to apply for. I definitely check a lot, feel like ive gotten a lot of jobs doing it that way.


Whereas I spend a lot of time on the buyer requests, certainly not most of the day.
What other platforms are available to woe buyers?
I will highly appreciate an honest answer.


Absolutely true brother


Well u have to start womewhere. My ‘’‘Buyer Requests’’ are mostly empty during the day but at night i can see so many good offers. This is all well designed and u have to make some progress in this community and im sure u will get more buyers :grinning:


I rarely go there. I never got a Gig from requesting from the Buyer Requests section.

100.00% of my orders came from the search I guess. People came.


My 1st 3 jobs was From BR. I spend a lot of time :wink: I was lucky I got my 1st jobe quite quick time :slight_smile: