99% positive review will I become 1 level seller?



Guys until today I had 100% positive review with 67 positive review. Today I received my 1 negative review. Additionally I have 19 orders not rated and 2% orders cancelled. In two days I will have 30 days on fiverr. With 99% positive review do I still to get 1 level or it has to be 100%?

Please let me know

Thank You!


Thanks so much for a quick answer :slight_smile:


you can refund the order, Go in resolution center and mutually cancel the order. If the buyer accept your request that order will be removed from your order history and you will gain the 100 rating again.


Thanks @faisai86 for a tip!

The problem is I already delivered the order but the buyer was not happy with my work :(. The only option that I have at the moment is post a feedback about the buyer.

I asked my client to cancel the order but I don’t know if she can do it anymore

Anyway I’m trying my best to get back to my 100% positive review. It will take a lot of time to get back to 100% (if this oreder will not be cancelled) as I only have nearly 70 positive reviews :frowning: